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    More trouble :(

    Yes. a probiotic is a must, as it restores the good bacteria that the antibiotic indiscriminately kills off. You can use benebac or something made for humans, as long a it contains probiotic strains that work in the intestines, not just in the stomach.
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    plants to plant

    I find wheat grass is easy to grow, basically just like regular grass except it needs replanting from time to time. I got my wheat berries from a health food store; you can get 1-2 lbs online etc
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    Mila's First Vacation

    You may find she doesn't want to eat or drink anything while the car is moving, so be prepared for some stops.
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    Are my rabbits teeth ok?

    Maybe slightly, but I really can't tell. If he's eating ok, take another picture in a couple weeks & compare with this one.
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    How long till she accepts us?

    It may be a slow process or she may come around sooner. But I don't think it's surprising she didn't settle in immediately. Things are suddenly different & she doesn't know why.
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    Can rabbits get salmonella from turtles?

    I have no idea. I remember someone posting a picture of their rabbits together with a turtle or 2, but that doesn't prove that it's safe for them to be together. I think you are right to be cautious.
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    He goes "oof oof oof"

    Or you could slowly switch to the oatmeal rather than the granola, but maybe a total of a teaspoon or 2 spread out over a week, with such a small rabbit. I add a pinch at a time to the pellets.
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    Giving off an odor?

    I don't know about the seizure, but for the smelly anal glands, it might help to clean them out periodically using damp q-tips. I;m sure if you search the topic there will be specifics on it.
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    Moss not eating

    I'm glad he's better. It's always a good idea to get simethicone drops etc to have on hand just in case they're ever needed.
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    Should I get a playmate for my 3-month-old bun?

    It's too bad that there are no rescue/shelter places there for rabbits. The best way to get a 2nd rabbit is to have your spayed rabbit meet other neutered rabbits & find out who might be compatible. Many shelters/rescues in the US etc have such meetings.
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    Moss not eating

    Is he eating hay ok? Does he feel like he might have gas?
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    Lola first weekend getaway

    If you mean she's going to be loose in the car, I don't think I'd do that. She'll feel safer in her cage. Outside time should be where the yard hasn't been treated with pesticides, even last fall,& where there aren't wild rabbits to get diseases/parasites from their droppings.
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    She won't eat

    I.m glad you found us. Is she eating hay all right? If not, I'd take her to the vet's asap. Once she's better, I'd slowly remove carrots from her diet, They have too much sugar. Leafy greens but not iceberg lettuce, are the best food, once hay & pellets are in the mix.
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    Help i dropped my rabbit.

    It sounds to me she just momentarily had the breath knocked out of her.
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    Shya-she does what she wants

    I hate to say it, but maybe Franklin should be kept separate from the other 2.
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    My females... don't know what to do

    Please save up for the mother's spay, so it can be done in another year, 18 months. Then start saving for the daughter's spay. Having more babies is fun for you, but not helpful for the rabbits.
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    Rabbit Welfare

    Thanks for the information.
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    Suddenly lethargic bunny

    I hope things have settled down now. It's a good idea to have some simethicone drops [which you can get in the infant section in stores] to have on hand in case you ever need them. And you probably should make a list of things NOT to feed, so your family knows. Beside plants in the cabbage...
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    To bond or not to bond...

    You need not feel limited by rabbit size. Often 2 rabbits of quite different sizes bond. And while a male-female pair is usually preferred, a female can choose another female & live happily. Besides being in a small cage together [I think preferably when bumping in a car on on top of a close...
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    Suddenly lethargic bunny

    No, you aren't overreacting. Are her poops well formed & fairly solid, or are they runny? She should have an unlimited supply of hay & also alfalfa pellets. The timothy ones are for adults. Any veggies often cause runny poop, when given at this young age. So if the poops are runny, slowly...