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    Hairball prevention?

    Make sure your bun always has unlimited Timothy Hay.
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    In need of advice. What would you do if you where me?

    Honestly, I would just go ape. I cant stand to see animals in a state of neglect- it completely burns me! But, even withthat being said, I would definetly think twice about bringing any of these buns home with you... not unless you plan on isolating them from Fraggles. You dont know anything...
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    Wire Floor Problems

    You can use a heavier resting mat that wont crumple, etc... Also, others have suggested a large ceramic tile which is a great idea, too. Bunny boards can be used, too (essentially its just a thin piece of wood that fits snuggly in half of the cage. For my buns I use either a towel (that I tack...
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    What is the ultimate rabbit treat?

    I regularly give my buns parsley, etc... so I dont really think of those as treats so much as their dietary staple. So for "treats" I use other things (and different buns do have different tastes)... I have a buck who thinks Cheerios are the best thing in the whole world and will even do tricks...
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    I dont know if you let him go for a swim or not, but I would not recommend it atall. The salt water will definetly irritate his eyes and if he should accidently drink some it could cause some other issues. I would either bring him inside to cool him down, or spray him with a water bottle filled...
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    Breeder Intros

    laylabunny wrote: I now this is a breeder thread but I would just like to say I just visited your site and read "Tanya's Story"- it was so heartbreaking that someone could do that to such a beautiful animal. How wonderful of you to care for her the way you did.
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    Post-procedure problems?

    What do you mean by "smells bad" are you refering to her urine & cocoa puffs? or her body? mouth? ...
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    Bunny mosquito bite?

    Oh no, poor thing! Is Mimi acting strange in any way after possibly being bitten? I hope she is doing alright.
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    Post-procedure problems?

    That is a hard call... Im like you, Id want my bun at home where she is safe and comfortable versus being in an unfamiliar environment that will frighten her. But, on the other hand, will she get better care staying at the vet? Most vets lock up and leave their office after hours... but at home...
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    Post-procedure problems?

    Prayers for Belle that she will have a speedy recovery and that all will be well.
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    Whats the best everyday veggies for rabbits?

    I follow the old rule of no greens till the bun is atleast 4-6 months old. Beter to be safe than sorry. And like PlasticBunny already stated, NO Iceberg Lettuce. For my buns that are over 6 months I give 1/2 cup of fresh parsley a day. Not too sure if it is "best" per say, but it is what I use...
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    Starting to actually hate my bunny.

    In my experience, I have never found territorial issues to dissipate whenabun gets fixed... but all buns dont necessarily respond the same way to being nuetered, who knows. Personally, it seems like bun needs a large "space of her own" where she has freedom, but still is safely...
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    Clipping nails, cage flooring and sore hocks

    Poor bun with the sore hocks! For the time being you may try laying down a small towel or cloth table placemat in the half of her cage that is away from her potty corner. Towels are soft and will help her feet to heal. If her feet have any sores on them you can use "Bag Balm", just apply a small...
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    Rabbits and wire flooring?

    I also agree that is best for rabbits to have wire-bottomed cages. For one main reason, the wire floor separates them from their urine & cocoa puffs. I dont think it is good for them to stand on the wire however, so my buns have a wire-bottomed floor with a mat on the opposite side from their...
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    How well will this work out?

    Sounds like your new bun is going to be one spoiled lil' one! Are you going to be using the dog crate as her cage? Even if she is a house-bunny she still needs a cage to go into a night and when she will not be supervised. Buns can get into quite a bit of trouble on their own (chewing carpet...
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    Starting to actually hate my bunny.

    So sorry you are going through this. My friend is having the exact same problem with her Holland Lop and I can tell what we have done to help that situation (wont promise it will work for you, every bunny is different, but I ndo think it will help). Since your buns issues arent "marking" or...
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    Baby bunny is mean to the others?

    I would say seperate her from the others in her own cage, and if possible put her cage next to the moms cage... she may be "emotionally" underdeveloped and will settle in faster if she is near mom (even if not in the same cage with her).
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    Please please please!

    I voted :) Your moms make-over looks wonderful!
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    Please welcome Tattoo our new mimic octopus!

    Amazing! What a beautiful tank and Tattoo is really something! Congrats :)
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    The b'ys are here!!!

    Awww... How Adorable they are!!