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  1. finnibuns

    Bonding a neutered and unfixed bunny?

    Thank you so much for your insight!! I have lots of hope for my current and future bun.
  2. finnibuns

    Bonding a neutered and unfixed bunny?

    Lovely, thank you. Even though a doe wasn't my first choice for a pet, I was planning on getting one for showing anyway. Again, thanks a ton for the advice.
  3. finnibuns

    Bonding a neutered and unfixed bunny?

    Hello everyone!! Next year I'm looking to show fuzzy lops for FFA. I have a neutered buck Holland already, who lives in a fairly large pen. I'm looking to keep my pet and show rabbit together next year, but whether I get a buck or doe, they cannot be fixed for showing. I'm not looking to sell...
  4. finnibuns

    Grooming problems with bun

    He is neutered and has been since June. He always goes pee in his litterbox, and he's very good at his litter habits. His pee is a darkish yellow color, not quite orange. His bottom stays dry, I've only noticed him with a wet bottom once, which was maybe at the beginning of January. And I...
  5. finnibuns

    Grooming problems with bun

    Hi! I have a Holland lop named Finny. He's just the sweetest, most loving animal I've ever met. I got him as a baby in May, and I kid you not, we have not left each other's side since I got him. We're very close. He's turning 1 on the first of March. (My how time flies). Recently, I've noticed...
  6. finnibuns

    Bunny Eating Waffle

    I was sitting with my bun earlier, and I had a toaster waffle with me. I was focused on my online work and wasn't really paying attention to what he was doing. I looked down to see him only to find that he was nibbling on the waffle. I don't know how much he ate of it, but there definitely were...
  7. finnibuns

    Bunny Marking Territory After Neuter

    My bunny has been neutered since late June. He's currently 6 months. He does fine with going pee in his litter box, but I am a little concerned about his pooping habits. He goes in his litter box a lot, but even though he's neutered, he still is marking his pen all over. This is a problem...