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    Bossy Bunny

    Welcome to my very first blog on RO! First i'll tell you a little bit about myself and my adventures, then i'll introduce Evie. So first of, Im Morgan! Im 16 and i live in Washington. I live with both my parents, so everyother week im at my dads and then the other week im at my moms. So Evie...
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    Im researching composting as im thinking about starting to do it, but have no clue ow to start. One thing i've seen on a few web sites is to not compost ret waste as it may have stuff in it that could harm people (probably if doing fruits or veggies) but does this include rabbit waste? If i...
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    Too much?

    So my girl Evie isnt too picky of an eater. But if its lettuce she waits a while til she says she'll finally eat it, things like peppers she wont eat at all. Now cilantro and parsely she LOVES. I was wondering if she could have tooo much of these? Im gonna plant a garden and put lots of parsely...
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    So my girl evie is a lionhead, and i try to brush her often but its still not enough. She swallows a lot of her fur and i can tell because her poop is stringy. I did cut out her pellets for a week and give her only hay but i didnt see a difference, anything else i should do? She is back on...
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    Thread about litter covers?

    I know theres a thread about it and i've been trying to find it forever. So does anyone have the URL?
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    Right now my (newish girl) Evie is getting about 1/8th cup of Oxbow bb/t pellets, unlimited hay, and usually romain lettuce (which she hardly eats, or does but very slowly.)and a couple carrots. This week i've let her have some cilantro which she LOVES, but i want to feed her a bigger variety of...
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    My baby Grasshopper died yesterday morning to my surprise. He ad been sick for a while, but was taking his meds like a champ and was acting fine the night before. I miss him a lot and no rabbit will ever take his place. Only had him for about 8 months.. Way to short. I miss you grasshopper Got...
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    wood stove pellets?

    I've decided that if i can find wood stove pellets then im going to switch and use them for my animals as carefresh is getting kind of expensive for all of them, and i needto save up for the vetin the future.Just wondering if any one has a pictre of what theactual pellets look ike. Also where...
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    My Vet Experience

    My rabbit was having icky eyes, they were wet with a clear liquid so i took him to the vet. They gave us some kind of drops to put in the eyes (i can update with name later) but his eyes just got worse. Then he started to sneeze, he sounded like a person with a stuffy nose, his eyes were crusty...
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    Im writing up notes for when i go to my vet and i want to know what antibiotics would be the best to put a rabbit on if he has pasturella? Im not sure he has pasteruella, i think he does, and if he does i want to know as much as i can so i know the vet is giving him the best meds. I know of...
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    Care bag?

    I was just thinking about putting a bag together for my rabbit so that i would have medicines and what ever else he needed all in one place. I take my bun to my dads with my every other week (at my moms every other week too) so i would take the bag with me so that i know i have everything...
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    To the vet?

    My bunny grasshopper is having problems with his eye. It started saturday but didnt relieze it get worse until yesterday night/ this morning. At first it was just a clear liquid that was making the fur around his eye and when it dried it was getting crusty. It is mostly only his left eye, just a...