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  1. FuzzyWabbit


    Guys, Creela is gone. It was 11:00 AM When I came back from school. I went in the garage to check on the rabbits and I found the cage door open. I only saw beewee in the cage but creela was not. I thought that creela must be somewhere in the garage. I searched and searched but I could not find...
  2. FuzzyWabbit

    My rabbits’ escape (story)

    It started like this. Every year, my grandparents would come to visit. One time, when they arrived, we were so joyful that we forgot to close the door. Unfortunately, our rabbits were roaming free in our house at that time. So while my family and my grandparents chatted, Beewee and creela ran...
  3. FuzzyWabbit

    One little problem- catching them outdoors

    Hi all, I have 2 rabbits. Every morning, I let them out in big backyard to play and when the sky gets dark, I bring them back inside. However, there is a problem. When I want to bring them back inside, they won’t let me carry them and I would often gave to chase them. One time, I had to chase...
  4. FuzzyWabbit

    Meet beewee

  5. FuzzyWabbit

    Groom rabbits?

    Hi all, I have 2 pet rabbits both less than a year old. Is it necessary to groom them? What are advantages of grooming? If I don’t groom them, what will happen? please help me, any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, fuzzyWabbit