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    Sibling Rebonding

    I should have mentioned we started them out with sessions in the bathtub a few weeks before and gradually increased the space they were in + time together, and now they are in the kitchen. Since I posted this, no fights have broken out, and cuddling has begun! Momo is still a bit skiddish, but...
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    Sibling Rebonding

    We have two rabbits , Momo and Sana (7 months). We recently started rebonding them after they were fixed, with some good progress. We moved them to the kitchen yesterday and they spent the night together with no fights! But, Momo is quite anxious. Whenever Sana runs up to her to fast, she runs...
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    Nearly 6 week old babies' diet help

    We have two rabbits as of yesterday, both almost 6 weeks old on Saturday. The previous owner separated them from their mother too young, at two weeks. She started them on a diet of vegetables way too early and the wrong bunny pellets (with grains, flowers and other vegetables). They are now on...