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    Re-toilet training older bunny.

    Hopeing for some advice on my nethy, Shayla! Shayla is about 7 years old, desexed, and used to be toilet trained. But 3 years ago she got two disabled (head tilt) bunny friends and they couldn’t use the litter tray, so as bedding they had vet bed, and over the years she picked up on their...
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    11 year old bunny losing weight.

    Thanks for the replys! Yep his teeth are all good. Two years ago his blood tests showed he had parasites, which revolution treated. But maybe it cant pick up everything? Harry wouldn't need GA for xrays thankfully as he is a very relaxed bunny and will lay in whatever position you want him in...
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    11 year old bunny losing weight.

    I did forget to mention also that since being on metacam he has been eating better, he used to leave a little bit of vegies in the morning but since the metacam he is eating all of it. But he was still down 15 grams in his weigh in. His next weigh in is on sunday. No vet has not done a fecal...
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    11 year old bunny losing weight.

    Hi there! This is my first post on here and unfortunately it is about needing advice with my elderly rabbit. Harry is a 11 year old dwarf lop. I rescued him when he was 5 years old where he was terribly neglected. He has been living like a king ever since, free ranging the whole house, all the...