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    Where do you buy your hay online?

    I live in an area where the only farm hay I can get is mainly in huge bales and is Bermuda. My rabbits wont eat it so I mainly order my hay online. I was curious of those people that also order hay online where do you mainly purchase it from? Every couple of months I have to order hay and I sit...
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    Difficult Bonding...I could really use some REAL advice

    I got my second rabbit in August. Before I decided to get her a put in lots of thought and read probably everything on the internet and went back and read more. As a matter of fact my husband told me to quite reading and watching the videos. hehe So I couldn't get to a rabbit shelter to do...
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    Best flooring for a bunny room

    I just got done cleaning my bunny/workout room and decided its time to change out the carpet due to my rabbit digging up carpet in various places. What type of flooring would be best to replace it with? I have pergo xp laminate flooring in my living room and thought I might install that and use...