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  1. Kathryn Yarnton

    Cloudy Spot in wee mans eye

    Ommy is 11 weeks old, today I realized he has a cloudy spot in his eye. I tried looking more closely at it it seemed to reflect light like a blind persons eye tends to. I am worried its a cataract or EC. I can not afford the treatment for either of these conditions! What do I do?... Watch it and...
  2. Kathryn Yarnton

    Cat litter and bunnies, do they mix?

    So, I have two lovely cats, Garfield and Prism. But recently I picked up a rabbit, his names Omelette - we call him Ommy for short. Anyway, he wasn't litter trained when I got him, and so I have been encouraging him to use his litter box (shredded paper and timothy hay) but this morning when I...