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  1. ArtistChibi

    Signs of seizures?

    What are some possible signs of a rabbit having a seizure? I've seen bunny flops and plenty more, but never have I seen a bunny lay on their side, what looked like their eye rolling to the back of their head, and limbs twitching. I already have a vet appointment set for Wednesday. I'm having my...
  2. ArtistChibi

    Adventures of Liu Erlong

    Day 1: Coming home Adopted from the shelter after learning she only has three legs. My husband was not going to let her suffer in there. Just like he wasn't going to let Xiao Wu suffer in there. We already knew we had to keep Xiao Wu and Erlong separated. Xiao Wu is an already established...
  3. ArtistChibi

    Goodbye my sweet baby boy

    I knew it was bound to happen because they are sensitive. Sadly, Tu Shen went into cardiac arrest and passed away this morning. Both my husband and I are deeply devastated at the news. Goodbye Tu'er Shen. You made my life better and I will miss you so much.
  4. ArtistChibi

    More bunny memes?

    I joined a couple Facebook groups and one of them shared this. I mean, it's not wrong. 😂😂😂
  5. ArtistChibi

    Bunny birthday ideas

    Shen and Xiao Wu have birthdays coming up and I wanna know what are some ideas to celebrate their adorable fluffy existence. I already got them Oxbow enriched life celebration cones, which they won't get until their birthday. But what about other ideas? I'm planning to clear an area in the...
  6. ArtistChibi

    New toys for the bunny buttons!

    We bought new toys because Xiao Wu has the attention span of a rice grain when it comes to toys. But boy does she love the new cat tunnel we got her. And Shen's favorite is the sea grass hut. Xiao Wu in the tunnel. Sea grass hut from above. Oxbow wall chew toy. Oxbow play stand. Oh...
  7. ArtistChibi

    Shen has a bald spot 😱

    I already knew to take Shen to the vet for this to make sure it wasn't mites or anything. Fortunately, it's not. Instead it is unknown what caused it. But the vet did do a flea treatment, set up an appointment for Xiao Wu to get treatment, and he gave us antibiotics for the spot because there...
  8. ArtistChibi

    When domesticated bunnies don't realize how sharp their teeth are

    I feel bad for Xiao Wu. She's so used to biting willow sticks, cardboard, and hay that she doesn't realize just how sharp her teeth are. She went to nip my leg, like she normally does on my sock or pants, because I was giving Shen attention and she broke skin. It wasn't really bad. Just a small...
  9. ArtistChibi

    Rabbit personalities are hilarious

    The personality of these two rabbits of mine are out of this world. Shen came to my husband for attention. So he gives him attention. Xiao Wu comes up and pees on the blanket next to them, then stretches out into a laying position nearby. So Shen races around her, hops into the litterbox and...
  10. ArtistChibi

    The joys of being a bunny parent

    Post your "joys" of bunny parenting. It can be anything relating to your bunny baby. Such as chewed clothing, furniture, giant mess with their hay. 🥰 Let me start. Here is my husband's jeans after Shen decided to remind us why we shouldn't leave our stuff where they can reach it. 😂
  11. ArtistChibi

    What happens when oat remains get used for mycelium nutrients

    So my husband started doing mushroom and other plant gardening after figuring out that the compost made from our rabbits' litter boxes are high in nutrients for the plants. Well, my husband got this massive bag of oats. Actual, unprocessed, straight from the farm, oats. He's using it as a...
  12. ArtistChibi

    Straight hay horse pellets?

    So my husband and I got a 40lb bag of Standlee alfalfa Timothy hay horse pellets from Tractor Supply. The ONLY ingredients to these pellets are Timothy hay and Alfalfa hay. That's it. No fruits, not nuts, no corn. Just straight hay. Other bags of pellets have other ingredients that I cannot...
  13. ArtistChibi

    Dig box made from coconut husk?

    Has anyone thought to make a dig box with finely shredded coconut husk before? It looks like dirt, but without the risk of parasites and the coconut husk, completely untreated, comes heavily compressed and dehydrated. Just add a bit of water and it's cool and loose like fresh dirt. Would it be...
  14. ArtistChibi

    Help! Hyper bunny alert

    Why must these two insist on being extremely hyper and playful when I'm trying to sleep? 😂😂😂 So my mother-in-law got these plastic dressers in for her clothes and my husband converted one of the boxes into a cardboard fort. These two have been extra hyper and active since putting it down. They...
  15. ArtistChibi

    Here comes Mr. Trouble

    Had to go back to my room for my phone and started browsing the forum while waiting for my food to be delivered. Then Shen comes out to follow me, knowing full well I can't let him out of my bedroom until we fully bunny proof everything else. (He ate part of a keyboard cord.)
  16. ArtistChibi

    We had a fright this morning!!!

    My husband and I started waking up to do our normal routine. Cleaning boxes, feeding bunnies, the usual. My husband got up before me and noticed Xiao Wu not moving at all. Eyes wide open, flopped on her side, didn't even look to be breathing. He alerts me to this, which woke me up quickly, and...
  17. ArtistChibi

    Why is Shen so silly?

    Why do our bunnies be silly like this?
  18. ArtistChibi

    I think I might squee

    Look at these two. LOOK! OMG! They are the most adorable pair I have ever met. Funny story, though. My husband woke up one morning, hearing the two zooming around. He thought they were chasing each other, but he described was just them taking turns to Zoomy around. They both go out into the...
  19. ArtistChibi

    Hello, humans

    It is I, Xiao Wu. I have come to grace you with my presence of beauty, elegance, and love. Embrace my beautiful form of white fluff. Gaze upon my beautiful red eyes. With father coming when I call upon him for pellets, and pets from mother as she sleeps the night away. With Little Brother...
  20. ArtistChibi

    Learn something new everyday

    I've had known about this for about a month now, but I didn't know just how in common Xiao Wu and I are. Light sensitivity. I mean, I knew albinos are light sensitive, but not realizing the overhead light in my room bothered Xiao Wu. Ever since I stopped turning it on unless I really have to...