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  1. kirsterz09

    Over dominent/aggressive bunny!

    Hi all, i am looking for some advice to help my girl sky. She is a 3 year old spayed girl but has a big problem with over bullying her fellow rabbits. She attacks both our neutered male and female that she lives with by either scratching at their faces or chasing them round the hutch. It had...
  2. kirsterz09

    My female doe

    thank you for your reply, I will get on to that straight away. I didn't know that he could still breed, vets failed to mention it, even after I asked if it was ok to put him in with her.
  3. kirsterz09

    My female doe

    Hi all, it has been a while since I last was on the forums but, my female rabbit Autumn has started showing signs of pregnancy. She and her spayed companion Sky were put in with a recently neutered boy Cloud three weeks ago just after he'd been neutuered, as his brother rejected him. Now 3 weeks...
  4. kirsterz09

    Had to take Clover to the vets this morning!

    Hey all, I went out this morn to clean out the hutches and when I got to Fiver and Clovers hutch, I went to clean out the 2cd level and Clover was lying in the way, usually she'll move out of my way but, will try to attack/play with the brush and pan, today though she stayed lying down and I had...
  5. kirsterz09

    Word Association - 2010

  6. kirsterz09

    Word Association - 2010

  7. kirsterz09

    Word Association - 2010

  8. kirsterz09

    Word Association - 2010

  9. kirsterz09

    Word Association - 2010

  10. kirsterz09

    I has a sparkly!!!

    Congrats!!! What a beautiful ring,
  11. kirsterz09

    We finally got a kitten

    Yay, I bet she is adorable, can't wait to see pics!
  12. kirsterz09

    Word Association - 2010

  13. kirsterz09

    Word Association - 2010

  14. kirsterz09

    Scone MacBunny

    Sorry to hear of your loss of your little boy, Binky free Scone MacBunny :angelandbunny:
  15. kirsterz09


    Sorry to hear of your loss, Binky free little Fuzzball :angelandbunny:
  16. kirsterz09

    Velvet June 2005 to June 2010

    Sorry to hear of your loss, she was beautiful, Binky free Velvet June :angelandbunny:
  17. kirsterz09

    Caption Contest #70

    I pledge full allegiance to the I love Craisins club!
  18. kirsterz09

    Word Association - 2010

  19. kirsterz09

    R.I.P little Pocky...

    Sorry to hear of your loss, Binky free little Pocky :angelandbunny:
  20. kirsterz09

    Rest In Peace my little Mookie

    Sorry to hear of your loss of Mookie, Binky free Mookie :angelandbunny: