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  1. sabrina92

    Not eating enough

    Hello everybun! My bunny Cleopatra recently stopped eating her hay. She has a few bites here and there but she used to eat a lot and now I am concerned. She is still eating the oxbow young rabbits pellets but not the hay. I gave her the oxbow alfalfa hay and then got her oxbow western Timothy...
  2. sabrina92

    Traveling with a Rabbit!

    Hey guys! I was wondering if anybody had suggestions on how to keep a rabbit calm and happy during and after traveling on a plane. I couldn’t find a pet sitter so Cleo and I are traveling and I would like any tips and tricks y’all might have!
  3. sabrina92

    Needing Sleep Suggestions

    Hey guys! The first two nights I got my bunny she slept in the cage and then it got hot so I let her stay in the bathroom and just free roam between the bathroom, my room and the hallway and just eat and use the restroom in the cage. She’s a curious bunny and loves to try and get under my bed. I...
  4. sabrina92

    Very worried bun parent

    Hello everyone! I just got a Holland lop bunny and this is my first ever pet. I went out for the first time in a week for a few hours due to it being my birthday brunch. I made sure she had food, water and space to run around. The second brunch was done I rushed home. I came home and Holly...