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  1. Missylilred

    How to get my baby to grow!

    Hi all, I’ve just taken my baby to the vet for the first time and found out she had parasites and is only 2.5kg. She is a 4 month Flemish Giant and I’m wondering if the parasite might have slow down her growth? Google says she should be about 4-5kg. Does anyone know if she really is a Flemish...
  2. Missylilred

    Training an unspayed Flemish Giant

    Hi all, So I got my beautiful baby last week and she is a 4 month old Flemish Giant. She is a big fan of peeing on my bed and NOT a fan of staying in her crate overnight! I attempted to lock her in last night so she didn’t spray on my bed again. She bashed and bashed and some how escaped and...
  3. Missylilred

    Cage entrance height

    Hi, I’m picking up my first Flemish giant this week and am so excited! I’m setting up her housing area and have found the crate I have got fits the space better upside down. I’m concerned that the height on the crate to get out will be too high now. It’s 6cm the right way up and it’s 13cm...