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  1. cookiesncream

    Baby bun nose bitten by an older bunny and bleeding. Will it recover/grow back?

    I got a baby bun 2 days ago and due to a minor oversight, while introducing him tk my room let him roam too close to an older bun's (around 3 months old) play pen, he got attacked and I assume got a bit of his nose ripped. I took him and didn't really check if there's an injury and put him in...
  2. cookiesncream

    Persistent poopy butt after eating pellets even in little portions

    I've been taking care of a Holland Lop aged around 2-3 months. I've noticed that every time I gave him pellets, even just a little (not more than 15-20 grams) a day in two serving time (morning and around evening) he always starts to have mushy poop/cecals. This is not the case for the other...