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  1. Kathryn Yarnton

    Cloudy Spot in wee mans eye

    Feel like it could just be conjunctivitis from the fact that he doesnt have a full cage yet and is currently living in an old cat cage where i couldnt clean all the dust and litter out. If thats the case he should be fine, but I will drop by the vets tomorrow.
  2. Kathryn Yarnton

    Cloudy Spot in wee mans eye

    Felt so bad taking this photo. Unsure if this helps anyone, it looks a LOT worse as flash is on, but it does have a film across the whole eye with a spot of white. His eye is leaky and he's having trouble keeping it open
  3. ommys white spot

    ommys white spot

  4. Kathryn Yarnton

    Cloudy Spot in wee mans eye

    Ommy is 11 weeks old, today I realized he has a cloudy spot in his eye. I tried looking more closely at it it seemed to reflect light like a blind persons eye tends to. I am worried its a cataract or EC. I can not afford the treatment for either of these conditions! What do I do?... Watch it and...
  5. Kathryn Yarnton

    Cat litter and bunnies, do they mix?

    So, I have two lovely cats, Garfield and Prism. But recently I picked up a rabbit, his names Omelette - we call him Ommy for short. Anyway, he wasn't litter trained when I got him, and so I have been encouraging him to use his litter box (shredded paper and timothy hay) but this morning when I...