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  1. Happi Bun

    Bleeding Sore Hocks

    My 8 year old Himalayan Dwarf Mix named Dunkin seems to have pretty advanced sore hocks :( He's pretty much always been missing hair on his hocks and they always look pink. Sometimes there will be a callus. There was an incident a few years back with his hocks bleeding. That was back when he was...
  2. Happi Bun

    Should I separate them? Very depressed bond mate

    This past week has been hell for me. Here is the summarized story: My sweet Amber (who is 7 years old now) has become disabled. She has full paralysis of her hind legs and urinary incontinence. We aren't sure what caused it. It started on April 4th with just dragging her hind legs a bit. I...
  3. Happi Bun

    Rescued male bun seeking home, Northern California

    This is a bun I've been fostering. His name is Cosmo and he is an orange and white mini rex mix. Back in March I rescued him from a lady on Craigslist. She had become allergic and was giving him away for free. Worst of all, he was being keep in a glass aquarium! :( When I rescued him he was...
  4. Happi Bun

    Resolved: 2 English Lop Rabbits need home or going to SPCA (Sacramento, CA)

    Their owner moved across the country and couldn't bring them with her. The person who has been caring for them cannot any longer. They need more attention than they are getting. One male, one female. Neither are fixed, nor are they bonded. Both are young, around 1 year. The male is brown and...
  5. Happi Bun

    Getting into Showing - Mini Rex maybe?

    I miss having a fun, animal related, hobby. I showed horses for a few years a long while back but it got way too expensive so I had to get out of it. Since I've had rabbits I've only been active/interested in Rescuing. Lately I've been looking into Showing. I have no interest in breeding, just...
  6. Happi Bun

    Aggressive Netherland Dwarf - California

    As many of you know, I have a one year old Netherland Dwarf named Felix. He was a breeder cull, his coloring isn't showable. I've had Felix since he was a tiny baby. In the beginning he was the sweetest rabbit! Would give kisses constantly. Then he hit puberty and became aggressive, in cage and...
  7. Happi Bun

    How to put a bunny on cloud 9

    Give them a soft cat bed! :biggrin: Felix has been doing so great with his litter box so I rewarded him with a nice cozy cat bed. What happened next was so adorable, I wish I would have gotten it on video! He EXPLODED with happiness, binkying all around on his new bed. He would dig a bit at it...
  8. Happi Bun

    Constant Red/Rusty/Orange Urine?!

    This drives me crazy! Felix, my 2 lb neutered Netherland Dwarf pretty much ALWAYS has Red/Rusty/Orange urine and I have no clue why. He doesn't eat enough veggies for it to be color pigment. He is on Purina Rabbit Chow Complete and Timothy Hay. He doesn't chew on any colored toys. He seems...
  9. Happi Bun

    "He's a rescue" State Farm Commercial

    I LOVE this commercial because of one very short but significant part... :biggrin:
  10. Happi Bun

    Resued an injured stray cat

    I recently moved to a new city and apartment with my best friend. Together we have befriended a stray tomcat whom we dubbed Stripes. He's obviously a stray; underweight and filthy. Lately he had been coming over for food all banged up from fights and had a nasty wound on his neck I've cleaned...
  11. Happi Bun

    Loves Rabbits is Mimi Bauer?

    There is a new member, Loves Rabbits, that's posted like five threads asking the same question regarding breeding and why a male rabbit has to 'finish'. I'm suspicious this is the same member recently litterboxed, Mimi Bauer. They post in the same manner, both claim to be breeding/showing tans...
  12. Happi Bun

    Vent Infection/Disease or something else?

    About a week ago I noticed Penny, my new foster rabbit, has something very wrong with her vulva. I stumbled across it while doing her scent glands. It's incredibly hard to describe so I just got photo's. She was pregnant when first picked up by the rescue, so I'm not sure if it's rabbit...
  13. Happi Bun

    Big Bunny, Gentle Soul - Northern Califorina

    Meet Sadie! This beautiful and elegant girl was dealt a bad card in life. Her previous owner abandoned her outside where there are all kinds of predators and a very busy road just around the corner. She was urine stained, underweight, and hungry. We...
  14. Happi Bun

    Happy 2nd Birthday, Dewey

    Dewey, my BEW Lionhead, would have been 2 years old today. Sadly he left for the rainbow bridge August 9th, 2009. Happy birthday my beautiful little boy. :balloons:
  15. Happi Bun

    Consistent Rusty Colored Urine

    Felix used to only have this problem here and there but now it's become too consistent for me to be comfortable. It's to the point where his urine is always rusty/red colored. There is no possibility this is food pigment related. He's been on strictly plain oxbow pellets and orchard grass hay so...
  16. Happi Bun

    New Zealand or Florida White? Age guesstimate?

    This is Mr. Bean... My friend and I rescued him after he was dumped in a residential area. A local rabbit rescue I volunteer with agreed to take him in as one of their bunnies; my friend is fostering him. He acts like a young bunny. Very hyper and active. He looks to have more growing to do and...
  17. Happi Bun

    Rescued three loose and starving rabbits

    I'm currently caring for three extra bunnies after learning someone dumped them outside in a residential neighborhood. I got help from a friend, we went prepared with a net, carriers, romaine lettuce and carrots. I was only expecting there to be one bunny, but two others showed up and we...
  18. Happi Bun

    Helpful Tips for your Aggressive Rabbit

    Dealing with an aggressive bunny sure isn't what you imagine when you bring one into your home, but it can happen. When a rabbit starts to show aggression it's quite startling. Your cute and supposedly docile friend is suddenly growling, lunging, and even nipping at you. These problems are not...
  19. Happi Bun

    Happy 2nd Birthday, Dunkin!

    Pictures from the celebration... :biggrin: ^ Salad Cake. Like the carrots shaped like a 2? ^Presents! Probably could have made the box-o-hay at home for free, lol.
  20. Happi Bun

    One Swollen Testicle? Post-Neuter

    Felix was neutered on Wednesday the 28th. He's been doing just fine and his energy has returned. The first few days his testicles were understandably swollen; which I know is normal for a while. My only concern is that he now has one swollen testicle (his right). The other (left) is shriveled...