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  1. DmitriBunny

    My Bunny Has A Weird Toenail...?

    Okay so I've been lax about clipping my bunnies toenails recently, and I feel really bad. But when I went to clip one of my bun's nails, two of her toenails (the ones on the back feet the smallest ones) looked like this. She usually has fairly pale nails but there's these black lines and kinda...
  2. DmitriBunny

    Bunnies fighting?

    I've got two bunnies, a boy and a girl. Both have been spayed/neutered and happily living together, but just today they were circling aggressively and pulling out fur! This happened before when my female was unspayed and hormonal, but that was in April so this incident seems out of the blue...
  3. DmitriBunny

    Unusual Shedding?

    I have two bunnies, both Holland Lops, but one is a chestnut agouti and the other is white with some broken light brown patches. I've noticed when brushing their coats that my white rabbit sheds a lot more hair than my chestnut rabbit. Not huge visible patches, but I'll brush her and I get huge...