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  1. chofamily

    Popper - dwarf Hotot- needs a new home- Chicagoland area

    Our 2nd bunny, Popper, is a dwarf Hotot who is approximately 6 months old. He’s a spayed male, fully litter trained & friendly with both other rabbits & people. Currently, he is kept in a cage only at night (when we go to bed) & roams in a 6’x6’ enclosure attached to 2 XL cages, hanging out with...
  2. chofamily

    Would it be detrimental if one of the bunnies is rehomed?

    We rescued our 2nd bunny Popper, a dwarf Hotot, 2 months ago & he is now bonded with our 1st bunny. They’re both younger than 1yr. Old. Now, because of the destructive tendencies of this dwarf bunny to chew up everything, my husband says we have to rehome him. Popper is never without items to...
  3. chofamily

    Holland lop is deaf- issue?

    Is there any health effects we should be worried about if our bunny is deaf? We’ve suspected for a long while, but recently concluded that our 10 month Holland lop is deaf. He’s a strictly indoor bunny. I can vacuum right next to him & he doesn’t flinch while the other bunny tucks tail &...
  4. chofamily

    Will previous humping behavior affect future bonding attempts

    Rabbits are both neutered males, with the 4 month old longer than the 7 mo old; younger rabbit is a dwarf Hotot and other a Holland lop. They’re kept separate except for being cage neighbors, but the lop has gone to extremes to be by the Hotot. Sniffing thru the bars of their side-by-side cages...
  5. chofamily

    Dwarf Hotot jumped over 3’ enclosure wall

    Hello! I need some advice. Please advise what we can do to keep the Dwarf Hotot within the walls of the enclosure. Also, if we trim down his nails (still safe length) to be closer to the quick, will he be less likely to go on the tile? The newest member of our family is a 4-month old dwarf...