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  1. iluvdutchrabbbits90

    My Lionheads!

    Just thought i would post new pics of my lionheads. This is everyone except2 does and 3 bucks are old pics, my camera died! I am pretty happy with my herd. I have a thing for small ears, just cant stand lions with BIG ears!! So i am having pretty good luck with tiny ears! I have1 REW buck, 1...
  2. iluvdutchrabbbits90

    runny nose.

    A couple rabbits in my herd have runny noses. No snot just runny and sneeze one in a while. I have brought no new rabbits in. They act fine never stop eating no runny poop.Now my 9 week old litter has runny noses. What should i treat this with?
  3. iluvdutchrabbbits90


    This just hit me. Father is a smoke pearl. Their is 4 in the litter1 REW 1 Sable Point 1 Broken smoke pearl and one smoke pearl who i now think is blue. I kept on thinking why is he so dark next too his father? Its because hes a blue! Am i correct? And here is his Sire Sugar Daddy.
  4. iluvdutchrabbbits90

    Lots of babies!!

    Born 4-13. 2 Broken Blue Bucks 2 Broken Black Bucks, and 1 Lilac VM Doe. E- Lops Born 4/14. 2 Broken Chestnut's 1 buck 1 doe 3Orange buck's only have pics of2 some how lol 1 Orange doe 1 Black Tort buck Ialsojust had a litter of 3 Elops one solid tort and 2...
  5. iluvdutchrabbbits90

    Another Color ?!

    So are these2 little boysseal or black? Mom is seal Dad is a broken chocolate. They were pink with black backs when born.I thought black babies were just all black when born?They are nowboth dark at 4 weeks old. Cant get my computer to load the pics will try later! They have a broken black sister.
  6. iluvdutchrabbbits90


    4 week old lionhead doe.Mother is a Black VM Father a Broken Chocolate. She has 2 broken blue brothers and 2 broken Black brothers.
  7. iluvdutchrabbbits90


    Okay so dad is a Broken Chocolate and mom is a Black VM. Their are 5 babies they are almost 2 weeks old. I know their are 2 broken black and the other 3 im not sure! This baby has a white sopt on its head. And here are the 2 broken Black
  8. iluvdutchrabbbits90

    E-lop doe having babies!

    My 10 month old E-lop doe(first litter) is bleeding some and digging like crazy! She is not due till the 13th is it too early? The earlest i had a doe go was a lionhead and she had them on the 27th day. She is not pulling hair or nesting, just diging like a crazy women! She is as big as a house!
  9. iluvdutchrabbbits90

    Baby pics!

    Here are my 3, 7 week old lionhead babies! 1 Broken Black Tort Doe, 1 Black Tort Doe and one Broken Blue Tort buck!
  10. iluvdutchrabbbits90

    worming kits

    What do you use to de-worm babies? I have a litter of 5 week old lionheads, i lost one a couple days ago and now 2 more are hippy. I have never had this problem. The one that died and one other one are not growing. So with what, and how much? They are all under a pound.
  11. iluvdutchrabbbits90

    Ear infection

    My 8 month old English lop buck, started shaking his ears about 5 days ago but nothing too bad. I noticed yesterday he had blood in his ears from itching. He is going the the vet Thursday. What do you all think? I dont think its ear mites, at least i hope not since he is in the rabbitry with all...
  12. iluvdutchrabbbits90

    E lop buck

    My English lop buck is 8 months old. He had a litter with a friends doe about 6 weeks ago. I have 3 does who are 9 months old. He will not breed any of them! As soon as i put a doe in his cage he lays down! I have put them in an ex-pen also and he does the same thing! I have been trying for...
  13. iluvdutchrabbbits90

    3 week old lionhead babies!

    2 broken black torts 1 broken blue tort 1 black tort They are as cute as can be!
  14. iluvdutchrabbbits90

    E Lop Critique.

    Here is my buck Eeyore he is a 6 month old black tort.What do you think of his type? Here is Annabeth she is a 8 month old chestnut.She would not pose, she wasnt in the mood for pictures :PI am going to enter them in a show in April.
  15. iluvdutchrabbbits90

    snotty nose

    my 1 year old lionhead doe has white snot running from her nose. We tried one round of meds from the vet didn't work. We have been giving her one shot a day of penicillon since the first round was done. Now the vet has given us a round of baytril. Anyone ever treated a rabbit with this? I think...
  16. iluvdutchrabbbits90

    The 2011 zoo!

    So here is my blog for 2011! We had are first litter of lionheads for2011 today! Aries had 4 bautiful babies! So here are my farm animals! Jesabelle she is almost 4 years old she is 30 inches tall and a ball of fire LOL Here is Harley he is almost 3 and 32 inches tall. He is the clown :)...
  17. iluvdutchrabbbits90

    Name for website?

    I am trying to think of a name for are website/farm. We have 4 mini donkeys and 4 mini horses. We are just starting in raising them. Any thoughts?? Thanks!
  18. iluvdutchrabbbits90

    Help! (RIP)

    My 4 month old lionhead, did not eat much or drink much yesterday no poop or pee. Today her toungh and lower jaw is swollan!!!!! My mom will not be home until 4-5 tonight, to go to the vet. Is their anything to give her to take the swelling down?? Help!
  19. iluvdutchrabbbits90

    Breeding holland lop girl

    My holland lop girl is 6 months old and 3 pounds. At what age do you breed them? And is she a normal size? Im using her to have lionlops!
  20. iluvdutchrabbbits90

    What would you do?

    I bought a lionhead doe, a few months ago. The breeder said she didnt have any litters. She had just bought her a few months before so i thought she ment SHE never had a litter with her. This doe is beautiful! But she is 1 year and 5 months, and never had a litter. I bred her beofre i knew, she...