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  1. cirrustwi

    Cage Aggression

    Thanks guys! I'm sorry I didn't clarify, they have their cage back. He lays in it sometimes, but I rarely close the door, they are basically free range. Unless he is laying in or near the cage, he is wonderful and loving. He recently destroyed the box he liked to hide in, so I'm going to...
  2. cirrustwi

    How do I care for a disabled bunny?

    I'm so sorry to hear that this is happening to your bunnies. And I completely understand not being able to pay for a vet. I was a vet tech and have worked in management of multiple pet stores, but after 9 years with out answers, I was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease last year and due...
  3. cirrustwi

    Cage Aggression

    After 10+ years of keeping rabbits, I thought I'd dealt with every issue, but this is a new one for me. I've dealt with cage aggression in young rabbits, new mothers and in fosters that haven't necessarily learned that humans are good things, but Raisin has stumped me and nothing I try with...
  4. cirrustwi

    Ugh, Eating Dog Food

    So, for those who don't know, in my house, we live a communal life. Everyone is free roam and, luckily, the dogs love the cats who love the rabbits who love the dogs and so on. However, recently, Tim has developed an affinity for eating dog food, not just a nibble, but he will literally sit and...
  5. cirrustwi

    Isn't pooping

    Alright, first, take a deep breath. I understand that everyone is telling you to take him to a vet, and yes, that is what really should happen, but I also understand what it is to not have vet access. I used to live in an area where none of the vets treated small animals and my choice was to...
  6. cirrustwi

    Help! Diagnose this young rabbit

    It is ear mites. The flaking ick that you see is called Ear Canker. Rabbit skin reacts to the waste products from the mites. At this point, the infestation is really bad. He needs vet treatment because he most likely has a secondary bacterial infection in his skin and possibly into the ear...
  7. cirrustwi

    Cirrustwi's Critter Crew

    Wow! Looking at this, I'm amazed by how much has changed in my life since the last post. Shortly after that post, I ended up leaving my living situation with my brother and sister-in-law, which should have been a good thing, started a wave of awfulness that eventually turned into an...
  8. cirrustwi

    Temporary Foster Desperately Needed

    I have not been around for quite some time due to a bad living situation. I have just left that situation, but I need a temporary foster for Tim, my 3 year old French Lop. When I finally decided to move, I had to move in with my brother and sister-in-law. They will not let Timothy stay...
  9. cirrustwi

    Bunny is acting way to aggressive (RIP)

    Oh, it sounds like the hormones have kicked in. Just as was said above, if they are intact, they need to be separated. As far as the ear, is there actually something inside of the wound? If could be a warble. They occur when a bot fly lays eggs inside of a wound, when they hatch, the larva is...
  10. cirrustwi

    Good Bye My Prince Of Bunnies

    I'm so sorry to hear about Cocoa's passing. He was such a beautiful boy! Jen :angelandbunny:
  11. cirrustwi

    Rest well, Marlin <3

    Amy, I'm so sorry to hear about Marlin. What a beautiful boy he was. Jen:bunnyangel2:
  12. cirrustwi

    Sick Bunny

    Oh, just the thought of warbles makes me ill. I've removed more then my fair share. The vet I work for is located in the country, so we see them a lot. I'm glad you were able to get your vet friend to remove them. I've found that a lot of old time farmers can remove them better then anyone else...
  13. cirrustwi


    Just wanted to say that I completely love Randy's answer! :wink Bladder sludge can be easiest to detect on x-ray. I always like to see an x-ray when there is a possible urinary issue, mostly because I've seen issues that just don't seem to show on a urinalysis. True exotic savvy vets are just...
  14. cirrustwi

    Goodbye Calliope

    Denise, I'm so sorry to read off Calliope's passing. They are always just gone way too soon. I too had forgotten about this part of rabbit ownership until I lost Elliot in the spring, but honestly, I'm thankful that we can forget, otherwise, we would never love another. Lots of love, Jen Binky...
  15. cirrustwi

    Injured Bunny - Flesh Wound

    I think you've been given great advice. I'm so sorry you had to deal with the fighting. Unfortunately, some rabbits just mature earlier then others, probably time to separate. I had a doe that just hated absolutely everybun. She would try to attack even if they just went past her cage. Jen
  16. cirrustwi

    Rabbit without feet

    Oh, this is very interesting. I'm not sure the baby would have survived the blood loss if mom had actually eaten the I'm guessing birth defect, but I could be wrong. (Stranger things have happened. LOL) I would keep checking the legs for signs of sores or other problems. He will most...
  17. cirrustwi

    Cirrustwi's Critter Crew

    After much thinking, debating and soul searching, I've decided not to expand my bunny family at the moment. It's bitter sweet for me, but I think it's the best decision for now. Tim has settled into being a single bun and is loving his life. Parts of his personality are emerging that I've never...
  18. cirrustwi

    Odd looking growth on old bunny

    angieluv wrote: My first thought was possibly a cyst but after seeing those photos, I agree, it looks and sounds like a jaw abscess to me as well.
  19. cirrustwi

    S'more 2/14/2002 - 6/17/2010

    Jim, I'm just seeing this. I'm so sorry to hear about S'more. Definitely one of my favorites over the years, the time seems to go so quickly. Lots of love. Jen
  20. cirrustwi

    Fauna RIP

    Carolyn, I am so sorry to hear about Fauna. She was quite the rabbit. I'm sure she is safe and happy now with Buck until you are reunited. Love you so much! Jen :angelandbunny: