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  1. cirrustwi

    Cage Aggression

    After 10+ years of keeping rabbits, I thought I'd dealt with every issue, but this is a new one for me. I've dealt with cage aggression in young rabbits, new mothers and in fosters that haven't necessarily learned that humans are good things, but Raisin has stumped me and nothing I try with...
  2. cirrustwi

    Ugh, Eating Dog Food

    So, for those who don't know, in my house, we live a communal life. Everyone is free roam and, luckily, the dogs love the cats who love the rabbits who love the dogs and so on. However, recently, Tim has developed an affinity for eating dog food, not just a nibble, but he will literally sit and...
  3. cirrustwi

    Temporary Foster Desperately Needed

    I have not been around for quite some time due to a bad living situation. I have just left that situation, but I need a temporary foster for Tim, my 3 year old French Lop. When I finally decided to move, I had to move in with my brother and sister-in-law. They will not let Timothy stay...
  4. cirrustwi

    Gone for a bit, but back now

    Hello all! I've been MIA for a few weeks. I had some things to sort out and decisions to make and all kinds of things in my life. But I think I've worked it out, so I'm back and ready to get back to work. I've missed everyone!! Jen :hugsquish:
  5. cirrustwi

    Happy Birthday Timothy!!!

    It's Tim's birthday!!! He's turning 2 today! Extra bunny treats and some new toys are coming his way.
  6. cirrustwi

    Timothy is becoming a VERY spoiled bun!

    Since Elliot passed, Tim has been excessively spoiled. He gets away with murder and is becoming a bit of a brat. And I know that it's my fault! He tugs at my pants, I pet his head. He won't go into his cage, I give him treats until he does. Today, he somehow, and I have no idea how, got on top...
  7. cirrustwi

    Cirrustwi's Critter Crew

    (So, this might be a little lacking in photos for a bit because my camera seems to have grown legs...:run: ) I'm going to start with the reigning king of the crew, Timothy. He is my 2 year old French Lop.
  8. cirrustwi


    I wanted to post a tribute for my sweet Flemish boy, Elliot. I lost him last week. He was not quite 2 and it was a huge shock. I had him necropsied by my vet and he had a heart defect. I'm actually quite lucky to have had him as long as I did. Elliot was part of a bonded pair with my French...
  9. cirrustwi

    Orion was just put to sleep

    Oh, God. I posted just an hour ago andthen went up to take care of the buns. Orion was having aseizure when I walked into the room. I just didn't have anyidea what was going on. I called the only local vet who doesrabbits and she was still in. He was in obvious pain, I don'tknow what happened...
  10. cirrustwi

    We Need Prayers for Lily

    Lily has been fighting stasis off and on for thelast couple of weeks. In the last 24 hrs, it has gottenreally bad. She has stopped eating and drinking and doesn'twant to do anything. I'm doing all the stuff I know to do forher and saying lots of prayers. I've had no sleep, but Shawnis going to...
  11. cirrustwi

    Anyone Have Extras

    Does anyone have extras of the little roundthings that connect the NIC squares? I'm wantingtorevamp my critter room and rebuilding my NIC condos is part of theplan. I'm not sure if it will happen here or just be donewhen we move, but it needs to be done. I have some, but I'vealso had some that...
  12. cirrustwi


    A friend on a rat forum gave me an idea formaking carriers. I'm in need of some for the up coming move,when it actually happens... Anyway, she suggested getting plastic storage containers, likeRubbermaid, cutting a large rectangle out of the top and attachingscreen with wire or zip ties or even...
  13. cirrustwi

    Rabbitry Names

    I need to come up with a rabbitry name for when I breed Palominos. But I'm awful with names and I just can't come up with anything I like. So, if anyone has suggestions, I would love it! Thanks, Jen
  14. cirrustwi

    Fresh Pumpkin

    I really think there is a thread about thisaround here somewhere, but I couldn't locate it through the search andI don't remember who posted it. Anyway, what I'm wondering is if my buns can have the stringy insidestuff from the pumpkins just carved? It's pretty wet, so I'mworried about...
  15. cirrustwi

    Help Needed For a Breeder Friend

    I just found out tonight that someone who workswith my Mom has had rabbits for years and just recently got intobreeding. Her husband apparently bred Flemish several yearsback and now they are going to breed Flemish and do breed Mini andHolland Lops. They just had their first litter of...
  16. cirrustwi

    Angora Help Needed

    Through a round about way, I rescued an Angorayesterday. (I'll tell the whole story later during my lunchbreak.) Anyway, my biggest question right now, that I wantedto get out right away is about his fur. It's just in awfulcondition. There are places where it's so matted, I can'treally tell...
  17. cirrustwi

    Feeding Amount Question

    I feed Blue Seal Show Hutch Deluxe mixed withManna Pro Show Formula. They all love their mix.The Blue Seal pellets are different then the others, so I weighed itall out and basically, I give everyone an extra 1/4 cup. Anyway, I know that larger bunnies aren't fed the same way.I'm wondering how...
  18. cirrustwi

    More Then A Rabbit

    A friend sent this to me recently when I lost onof my rats. I've been reading it and thinking how easily itcould be applied to all animals. I've adapted it from apassage titled"MoreThen A Rat"by CynthiaGoehring that can be found at More Then A Rabbit...
  19. cirrustwi

    Grieving Bunnies and Mommy

    First, I'm sorry I haven't been here muchlately. I'm still grieving over Daisy. It's justbeen so much harder then I ever would have imagined. In fact,I'm crying as I write this. The buns are all missing her somuch too. They miss her presence and I know they sense mysadness. They are all out of...
  20. cirrustwi

    I just wanted to say a proper Thank You

    I really just wanted to properly thank everyonefor their support when Daisy passed. It's been much harderthen I anticipated it would be. I've pulled it together, Ithink. All that said I'm still grieving very much. I've not been around much lately either, it's just been toohard. I kept crying...