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  1. Happi Bun

    Cause of death

    She could have eaten something poisonous. Many domestic rabbits don't really know what is safe to eat (depends on the rabbit really), unlike wild rabbits who are still in touch with all their natural instincts. Heart attack from fear is very likely. Make sure you find how she escaped so it...
  2. Happi Bun

    VERY low hanging testicles

    That is definitely not normal looking. Good thing you will be getting him neutered! Just in case it's something that might be more prone to testicular cancer. Getting an appointment sooner couldn't hurt. I actually found some really great info about the condition your rabbit has! Take a look...
  3. Happi Bun

    Giving bun away

    Good point, aging can definitely make tooth problems arise. Dunkin is 8 years old and he's going to need to have a back tooth trimmed down in the near future. The vet says it's looking long. That's why it's important to get wellness exams on your pets, especially as they get older! He's never...
  4. Happi Bun

    Goodbye Oliver

    It sounds like you did everything you could for him and he lived a life filled with love. I'm so sorry for your loss :hug2: :pink iris: Binky free Oliver :rainbow:
  5. Happi Bun

    Giving bun away

    Please keep in mind that all rabbit rescues in California are either at capacity or near it. There are rabbits at risk of being euthanized daily in shelters... most rescues try to give those bunnies priority. I volunteer at a rabbit rescue in Northern California and they get calls pretty much...
  6. Happi Bun

    Baby rabbit not doing well

    Taking them to a Wildlife Rehabilitator is my best advice. They belong in the wild and a rehabber will know how to get them ready to be released. Not sure how taking away the mother's babies will save the lettuce, or why the lettuce is important enough to justify doing so.
  7. Happi Bun

    How do you groom a rex rabbit?

    I prefer grooming bunnies on my lap. I like to put a towel folded in half over my legs so it's more comfortable for me and the bunny. Always keep in mind when grooming bunnies that their skin is extremely delicate. Lint rollers work wonderfully for getting loose hair off. I know, using a lint...
  8. Happi Bun

    Pellets over Hay

    :yeahthat: I was about to write up a post pointing out that those hay pellets do not have any added nutrients/vitamins from the looks of it. The only reason to feed rabbits pellets at all is to make sure they are getting all the nutrients and vitamins they need to stay healthy. That is why...
  9. Happi Bun


    Dr. Jeff does amazing work in his community and in Mexico for low income families who cannot afford vet care. One could argue that you shouldn't have the animal if you cannot afford vet care, but we live in a very imperfect world. He's likely saved hundreds of animals from dying painfully or...
  10. Happi Bun

    Kaytee hay

    My rabbits like Kaytee, but I don't like how dusty it is compared to Oxbow. I tried Vitakraft but they didn't like it and it only had very short pieces plus loads of dust. It could have just been a bad batch. Oxbow is my first choice between the three brands. I'm lucky and get really great hay...
  11. Happi Bun

    Strange growths on new bunny :(

    Good luck! Hopefully it's something easy to fix :pray:
  12. Happi Bun

    URGENT: Bun sick & no bun vets in 60 miles!

    That's great that he is improving so much! I noticed that you haven't mentioned anything about him eating pellets. Is that because he is not wanting to eat them or does he not get any? Usually small poops, pain and lethargy are signs of GI Slowdown.
  13. Happi Bun

    Any dog breed you wouldnt own, and which breed would you love to have

    ^Those pics are so cute! :hearts Bigs dogs are awesome, small dogs too. I pretty much like all breeds, some more than others of course. I love Huskies, Greyhounds, Golden Retrievers and the list goes on. Mutts are wonderful as well. Oh, I forgot French Bulldogs! They're another breed that...
  14. Happi Bun

    Any dog breed you wouldnt own, and which breed would you love to have

    I'm the total opposite. The more "useless" the animal, the more I seem to adore them :P Which is why I want a Pug very badly. I will have one someday! How can you not love this beautiful creature? I also really love Corgis, but from what I see they have a high prey drive and are very...
  15. Happi Bun

    Need a rabbit vet near Ashland, Ohio

    Hi there! I don't live in Ohio so I can't offer a personal recommendation (hopefully someone can!), but the Ohio House Rabbit Rescue has a list of rabbit savvy vets. I would recommend first checking out online reviews of any potential vet, but keep in mind your experience may differ. I've gone...
  16. Happi Bun

    Bleeding Sore Hocks

    Well, Dunkin saw a vet today. Not one I usually use but supposedly experienced with rabbits. I was very disappointed and feel it was practically a waste of $67. The vet barely even looked at Dunkin's feet even after I told him about the pus and bleeding. He prescribed TMS which was good, but...
  17. Happi Bun

    Bleeding Sore Hocks

    Update: When I got to the rabbit rescue I found out his hocks are even worse than I thought :cry1: Each foot had a pocket of pus that we were able to get out. We cleaned up his feet and disinfected. One of them started bleeding very badly, but we were able to get it to stop. That foot had...
  18. Happi Bun

    Bleeding Sore Hocks

    My 8 year old Himalayan Dwarf Mix named Dunkin seems to have pretty advanced sore hocks :( He's pretty much always been missing hair on his hocks and they always look pink. Sometimes there will be a callus. There was an incident a few years back with his hocks bleeding. That was back when he was...
  19. Happi Bun

    Advice after first few bonding sessions

    Personally, I would keep them in the same room with their cages side by side. Especially at this stage in the bonding process. They have already been on dates and sound quite comfortable around each other. Living in close proximity but still apart for safety is excellent because they can see and...
  20. Happi Bun

    What should I feed my rabbit. conflicting information

    Who told you Walmart has veterinarians? That is false. They definitely do not send anyone to vet school. The employees you encounter in the pet section are normal store employees. They have no special training in animal care, nutrition, or veterinary medicine. When it comes to live animals...