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  1. majorv

    An Update on our member @woahlookitsme

    Some of you may remember @woahlookitsme, a longtime member here. We raised and showed rabbits together for 9 years before she went off to vet school. I’m very proud to announce that next month she will be a DVM, graduating with High Honors. We need more rabbit savvy vets!
  2. majorv

    We'll Miss You, Rocky!

    We lost a beloved rabbit yesterday. Rocky was one of my daughter's first rabbits when she started showing. He was a Britannia Petite and a very sweet bunny. He was an awesome show bunny and fathered some very nice Brits. We retired him a few years ago but couldn't bear to part with him so he...
  3. majorv

    Rabbits without front teeth?

    Has anyone had their rabbit's two front teeth removed because of misalignment? Did they eat normal after that? We have a 6 yo who has always had straight teeth. I don't know how they became misaligned but when he stopped eating his usual food we discovered the front ones were crooked and over...
  4. majorv

    How Do You Revive Cold Newborns?

    This time of the year losing kits to the cold can be a problem, especially before kits have any hair. I would love to know some of the methods other breeders use to revive newborns they've found "dead" from the cold. We have had many litters in the cool months of the year and rarely had...
  5. majorv

    Polish Babies!

    This is our 5 week old litter - 2 boys & 1 girl... This is one of our 3 week old litters - 3 girls & 1 boy... Another pic that I thought was cute... Our other 3 week old litter, a cute little boy... One more of the cutie....
  6. majorv

    Shedding the baby coat

    I have a Polish buck who is now 6 months old and he has yet to shed his baby coat. It's still just as long and fluffy as it was when he was 3 months old. On the suggestion ofseveral breeders I put a couple of drops of ivermectin between his shoulder blades to try and trigger a moult. It's now...
  7. majorv

    Need advice!

    I am struggling with whether to get out of doing Himalayans. I got a pair in March of last year. The buck is registered, GC'd with 6 legs. I don't know if the youth who had him used him for breeding but since he was 2 years old at the time, I assume so. The doe I got was young and unproven...
  8. majorv

    RIP Remy

    I lost one of my Himalayans today. She was only 7 months old, but she had a special place in my heart. She became ill a few months ago and Ispentevery day for 7 dayssyringing Critical Care down her. I developed a special affection for her during that one on one time while trying to get her well...
  9. majorv

    2 week old kits not being fed

    We have 3 Brit babies who just turned 2 weeks old. I know for the first 1 1/2 weeks mom was feeding them. We noticed yesterday they werethin...with so much hair we didn't realize just how thin though. I think we wouldve noticed it earlier, too,but the momis always in attack mode when you open...