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  1. FuzzyBunny ph

    Bunny’s water bowl

    I usually let it soak in white vinegar first for a few mins then wash it off with soap and water. I noticed they will only pee in their water bowl if it is near their litterbox or hay rack. So I moved it away from their litterbox and now no more pee in waterbowls =)
  2. FuzzyBunny ph

    How to remove rabbit scent

    Hi! is Harvey fixed? This would help with the random pee. If he is, he could have UTI, hard to say without a urinalysis :( When you can, disinfect everything with white vinegar then rinse off with soap and water. Some people use bleach to disinfect but the smell might be too for the buns :)
  3. FuzzyBunny ph

    Rabbits getting "meaner"

    you can check their website
  4. FuzzyBunny ph

    Spaying question

    Yes, most bunnies will take time to eat like normal again after surgery especially girls. So best to monitor her closely. If she hasn't even for more than 12hrs, then you might want to ring your vet about it. You were given metacam/meloxicam, I hope? :)
  5. FuzzyBunny ph

    Rabbits getting "meaner"

    You are very near a vet that can get your bunny fixed! You can get them fixed in Vets in Practice fort branch. Here's an album about spay and neuter which can help you prepare for it :) You may also message me there if your...
  6. FuzzyBunny ph

    Rabbit eating hard poop

    so true 😆
  7. FuzzyBunny ph

    Unknown problem with intestinal track

    *edit: Sorry, I didn't realize the thread has reached two pages already. I didn't noticed there were answers after this comment. @JBun has given you good advices already :) Was this bene bac? you can still get it but observe your bun first with the change in diet. If bad poop still happens, you...
  8. FuzzyBunny ph

    Rabbits getting "meaner"

    sorry let me rephrase this. Pregnant or not, please save up to get them spayed/neutered :)
  9. FuzzyBunny ph

    Rabbits getting "meaner"

    hi @Czarina I just saw this thread now and I noticed you're from the philippines as well. You mentioned you're 14 and you're trying to take care of them without your parents help and thats good. But bunnies are expensive to care for especially in our country and vet bills or their food aren't...
  10. FuzzyBunny ph

    Unknown problem with intestinal track

    Out of the thee pellet variants you shared, only Versele Laga Complete is good for bunnies. The other two variants seem to be muesli type pellets which have added ingredients that are not ideal for bunnies :( this could be what was causing the bad poop :( These dont look like timothy, orchard...
  11. FuzzyBunny ph

    Unknown problem with intestinal track

    I give Bene Bac to my buns, I usually sprinkle it in their hay or in their water bowl. Hopefully giving your bun probiotics would help! try to also increase hay intake :)
  12. FuzzyBunny ph

    Goopy eyes

    might be better to take him/her to the vet. weepy eyes are usually signs of dental issues :( my bun had a goopy eye before, I took her to the vet thinking it was dental issues. Vet checked her teeth and said all are good, so he did a fluorescein dye eye test for tear duct blockage. No blockage...
  13. FuzzyBunny ph

    Bunny Paralysis

    Based from what you explained, it does sound like E.Cuniculi. What treatment was prescribed? was it Fenbendazole/Panacur? I'd say continue the treatment :) If he's underweight, you can mix some alfalfa hay with his usual hay :) Is he neutered?
  14. FuzzyBunny ph

    How to clean rabbit toys ?

    I agree with the vinegar mixed with water. For me, I sometimes do a second cleaning by using mild soap to get rid of the vinegar smell :)
  15. FuzzyBunny ph

    Help! Bunny poop dark after starting a switch to alfalfa hay

    the poops look normal. I would also suggest to mix alfalfa with meadow/timothy. No need to switch pellets since he's still less than 6months :)
  16. FuzzyBunny ph

    HELP!! What is my rabbit doing!?!?!

    looks like the hiccups? cant say for sure though, I rarely see buns hiccup but I know its possible
  17. FuzzyBunny ph

    bun being slow and not as active as before

    I would've had them trimmed already since it was hitting his tongue. When I first experienced this issue, I wasn't prepared for the surgery cost so I asked what alternatives I could do and our vet said to give more hay (which he already had lots of). Not sure if it helped 'cause he died of EC...
  18. FuzzyBunny ph


    travel safe! <3
  19. FuzzyBunny ph


    Will you be the one driving or are there other people with you? I think it would be better if you have someone who will be driving so you could attend to your bunny in the car. When you mean mesh carrier, is that the cloth type? If so, I'd suggest using the plastic one and attach a waterbottle...
  20. FuzzyBunny ph

    Rest in peace baby boy

    That okay, necropsy is not really required. But with what you explained, head tilt is a sign of E.Cuniculi so its possible he got it from his previous home or was born with it :( Would suggest to have your girl checked for EC just in case she caught it too :(