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  1. ThumperParadise

    How to deal with guilt after giving away bunny?

    I had to give away my bunny Thumper to the humane society because of my living situations. I tried really hard to keep her but I just couldn't. I tried different things but it wasnt working :( She has been giving away twice and knowing that i was the 3rd person to let her down is hard to even...
  2. ThumperParadise

    Rabbit not moving.

    My rabbit for the past 2 days hasn’t been moving out of this one specific spot. The only time she’ll move is when I feed her or when she goes into her litter box but then goes back to that spot. She lets me pet her there and she seems okay? I don’t know why she’s doing that tho anybody have any...
  3. ThumperParadise

    bunny runs away

    I was petting my bunny but I had to get something out of my room so I did but when I came back she ran away from me? Why is this?
  4. ThumperParadise

    Rabbit thumping.

    I was watching videos of bunnies and then my bunny saw the rabbit and thumped 3 times. I dont understand why she did this because the rabbit in the youtube video was not in the room. Can somebody explain please 😕
  5. ThumperParadise

    Favorite Photo!

    post your favorite photo of your bunny(s) 🥰
  6. ThumperParadise

    Taking Pictures Of My Bunny?

    i wanted to know how i can take good photos of my bunny! Its hard to take pictures of my bun cause the lighting isnt good in my room :( I got a couple good photos by chance. Any body have any solutions?
  7. ThumperParadise

    Bunny Rolling On Back?

    Today my bunny did something odd? She stretched out and then rolled on her back and then wiggled and then went back to what she was doing. Should I be worried? Cause I know that a bunny cant be on its back :(
  8. ThumperParadise

    Toy problem.

    I’ve been getting my bunny lots of toys but she’s only interested in toys that have apple and Timothy hay in them. These toys barely last a day and I can’t get these everyday. I try to buy other toys that should last longer but she takes no interest in them. What do I do? :(
  9. ThumperParadise

    Bonding with bunny?

    Hello ! I recently got a new bun a couple days ago :) I am pretty new to being a bunny parent but I got everything down so far with tons of research. I kinda know how to bond with her but every time I go to school and then come back it’s like she’s really scared of me and I have to redo the...
  10. ThumperParadise

    Bunny not eating cecotropes.

    I got a bunny on Saturday, she was doing so well that day but then on Sunday she started to leave her cecotropes around and then started to excessively itch her ear. I thought it was because her past owner gave her to many carrots because I watched them give her a full baby carrot. So I cut out...