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    Digging on me

    A couple of times now while I was holding Anya my rescue bunny, she has started digging on my chest. Obviously I'm going to get/make her a dig box, but I was wondering if it was a sign of something that she is digging on me, and not anywhere else. Luckily I just got her nails done so it doesn't...
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    Anya's new cage

    If you read my previous post we weren't sure if we were simply fostering or keeping Anya permanently. Well we decided to keep her! Luckily my wife isn't allergic to her like she is to most every other animal. So I had to build her a new cage that is much more suitable. And here it is! I...
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    Another what breed post

    Due to the circumstances of how I ended up with a bunny I don't know much about her so I'm trying to figure out what I can. I know she's a she and that's about it. I'm not quite sure if she's a spotted or broken. That's the main thing I'm trying to figure out. For size comparison: Anya is...
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    Cage help

    Hi. I inherited a bunny today along with all her equipment. It could be temporary as the original owner is willing to let me try out bunny ownership for right now while she looks for other owners. I could, though, keep her if I want. I am looking for a replacement pet as my pet rats are quite...