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    Baby bunnies pending! Please help!

    You should find this helpful Accidental Litters
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    Should I get a second rabbit?

    We always recommend that rabbits should live with other rabbits in compatible, neutered pairs or groups. It's what is natural for them and it keeps them more healthy because it reduces levels of stress. Hence they tend to live longer. Article here Companionship
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    Am I feeding too much veggies?

    The RWAF recommends 85% hay (and/or grass). 10% leafy greens, 5% pellets. Details here Diet
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    Stasis help and tips PLEASE :(

    Has your vet given pain meds? She will be feeling very uncomfortable and will be tense. Relieving pain can go a long way to help by relaxing the abdomen and allowing everything to pass through. Any gut motility drugs? Any vet anywhere in the world can join the RWAF Vet Group on Facebook. It...
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    Thinking about moving inside for summer

    Are you intending to move indoors only for the summer, or as a permanent change? If temporary then you are going to need to return your rabbits outdoors in time for them to grow thick winter coats, before the weather gets cold. If I was going to have my rabbits indoors for half the year, it...
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    Covid-19 and vaccination for UK owners

    We have just posted an update on our own Blog, which I'll reproduce below. all the RWAF Blog posts relating to Cov-19 and how it affects rabbits in the UK can be found here Covid-19 | Rabbit Welfare Association & Fund (RWAF) Covid-19 and Vaccinations Dear Rabbit Owner This is an update of our...
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    Building an outdoor rabbit run advice?

    Regarding outdoor housing this should be helpful Outdoor Housing and this page shows how a home was built outdoors from scratch, with advice on what materials to use Convert a Garden Shed
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    Building an outdoor rabbit run advice?

    Speaking from the UK, our advice is that all rabbits need to be vaccinated whether they live indoors or outside. There are so very many ways this virus is spread, it's airborne, it can be carried in bird droppings, it can come into homes on owner clothes and shoes, skin and hair, it can be on...
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    RHVD2 in the US - what you need to know

    Not to promote any other social media but these group are keeping people updated too North Americans RHDV2 Group and Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease News Network It's as well I think with this dreadful disease to keep an eye open anywhere and everywhere. There is also a group working on getting...
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    How to encorage bun to use second floor on hutch?

    Is there some non slip material on the ramp? Rabbits don't have pads on their feet like cats and dogs do, they have furry soles and so they slip very easily and that's scary for them. If you can put carpet, or some sort of non-slip rubber like stable matting on the ramp it would give your buns...
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    Bunny doesn't like being picked up

    Rabbits really don't like to be picked up. They are prey animals and their wild instinct tells them that it's a predator picking them up to make them into dinner. It's far better for them if you interact with them on the floor where they feel much safer, and where they aren't going to hurt...
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    What type of litter?

    Apollo's Slave have you tried B&M? They sell 30litre bags (roughly 30kg though not an exact comparison) for £5.99. I have used those a lot and they are great Cat Litter Wood Pellets 30L
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    Confused, as i saw a rabbit food pyramid and now i think i'm feeding my rabbit the wrong foods!

    We cover diet in detail here, including a widget where you can enter your rabbit's weight and it will calculate for you the weights of pellets/greens/hay you should be feeding daily There are pages describing how the digestive system works, healthy...
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    Will my baby female rabbit fight my neutered male once she reaches sexual maturity?

    How old is she Cosmoluna? We recommend spaying at 16 weeks provided rabbits are well grown and in good health. At this age most will not have yet quite reached sexual maturity and there should be no significant hormonal changes. (My Fearne is an exception to every rule I think!) You can read...
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    Will my baby female rabbit fight my neutered male once she reaches sexual maturity?

    I've never separated a bonded pair when one has been neutered. And never had any problems as a result. On the contrary, provided they had a good bond before the neuter, returning home to a loving partner is a comfort to them when they feel ill. It might help to ask your vet to let you bring...
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    Rabbit Island

    While it may appear idyllic, look closely at the rabbits, at the injuries, ears in particular are obvious, but those rabbits are covered in bites. They are given no veterinary care, many wounds will become infected and the rabbits will die a horrible, painful death. They are not vaccinated...
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    What are these little white things around my rabbit's living area?

    Elra have you checked the RWAF's Rabbit Friendly Vets list for a local rabbit savvy vet? Here it is, the practices have to apply and it's a rigorous assessment process so we are sure they really are rabbit savvy provided you see the named vet...
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    Is tap water truly safe for rabbits? What type of water does your bunnies drink?

    Regarding giving the water to rabbits, there has been a study, I believe by rabbit Specialist vet Frances Harcourt-Brown, that showed that using a bowl is far better than a bottle. The rabbits drank 40% more water when it was offered in a bowl. Water is very important to their digestive system...
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    Is tap water truly safe for rabbits? What type of water does your bunnies drink?

    I can't speak for anybody else's tap water as we all live in different places. I am in the UK and our tapwater is certainly entirely safe in terms of cleanliness. However, I live in a very hard water area and the water, even with the benefit of a filter, is still very full of mineral salts...
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    Gut slowdown may be as the result of a blockage. You need to see a vet as an emergency, please do not accept a later appointment than in the next half hour! Do not give anything other than pain killers and even then only with your vet's approval as they may mask symptoms. Giving anything at...