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  1. J

    Bright green poops

    My bunny suddenly has bright green poop. It’s hard and s seems more oval shaped than round. It seems to have just been happening a day so I’m not sure if there is something wrong or if it’s just something temporary/not harmful passing. he has constant fresh hay and water, and feed him a very...
  2. J

    AC temperature for bunnies

    Hi! I have two rescue bunnies and one cat. I leave for working during the day, and sometimes will be gone for a night once in a while. I live in an older house so my electric bills can be very expensive in summer and winter. If I leave the AC on while I am gone what is the highest comfortable...
  3. J

    New cat- when will bunny stop marking territory?

    I have a 5/6 year old male neutered rabbit, who has previously be in households with cats and loves them. He has never had an accident outside of his litter box, but recently I brought a new kitten home (also neutered makeand he is pooping and peeing everywhere. He is humping the cat also, but...