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    How do you get anything done?

    For those that free roam your bunny how do you get anything done? Lol Seriously though, my guy just wants to hang on me. It dont matter if its my lap, leg, chest or arm. 90% of the time he wants on me. If I walk around he is in between every step I take. I had no idea rabbits were like this...
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    Type of hay

    My bun turns 6 months old this week so I will be transitioning him over to Timothy hay. What is the difference between 1st cut, 2nd cut and 3rd cut? Where do I start him? He is a little picky when it comes to hay. It took three types of alphalfa hay to find one he liked. Would I be better off...
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    What breed am I?

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    New Bunny Owner

    So I have been reading tons of stuff to be the best bunny Mommy I can be to Jack. So many contradictions my head Spins at times. This is what I think is correct. Unlimited Hay forever. I'm using Kaytee timothy wafer cut Unlimited pellets until 6 months I'm using Oxbow young rabbit Now is when...