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  1. LisaRabbit

    My Lisa become a male!

    Hey everybody ! I have discover that my female bunny it's not a female. I take him to the vet and he told me is a boy! I have to change her name to Habbi! Hahahaha that's so funny. Now I understand when he make pee in my bed ! Enviado do meu iPhone usando o Rabbit Forum
  2. LisaRabbit

    Swollen belly

    Hey guys! My 4 months dwarf has a swollen belly. I realized this problem 1 week after take her in the pet store . For a few days seemed pretty swollen , almost the diameter of a coca cola cap, but after 3 days decreased and today is with 1 cm diameter. Hope someone can help ! Thanks Enviado...
  3. LisaRabbit

    My dwarf eat paper

    Hey guys. It's normal when the bun eat paper, magazines? Thanks! Enviado do meu iPhone usando o Rabbit Forum
  4. LisaRabbit

    Can ant hurt my bunny?

    Can ants hurt my little dwarf? She is 4 months old and sometimes I came she to the grandpas home an her is a big green area. I don't take eyes off of her but my fear is ants are so small. Someone know anything about it? Thanks Enviado do meu iPhone usando o Rabbit Forum
  5. LisaRabbit

    New mama friend?

    hello friends! I have discovered a nearby rabbit breed of lion head, and recently had a psychological pregnancy. My dwarf has three months. is it cool to let them play together? will feel as a mother and daughter? Here is a pic when they know each other. Thanks Enviado do meu iPhone usando...
  6. LisaRabbit

    Nasal obstruction

    Hey guys. Over 5 days my dwarf is doing a weird noise whit her nose, seems like something is troubling her and increases when going to eat and sneezes sometimes (only once per round). And she coughs too. 2 weeks before she get shocked whit banana shell, but she recovered after this, I hear no...
  7. LisaRabbit

    Fresh grass

    Hey guys! All right? Today I take some fresh grass outdoor and give to my bun, because he it's so difficult find hay! Only alfalfa. She love this fresh grass and can't stop eating! : ) I hope this way she stop to move her mouth, like when the teeth is growing too much. I put the grass over...
  8. LisaRabbit

    Instabunny, new friends.

    Hey guys. My and my friend are asking if there are some new friend to share ideas, daily photos! See the Lisa's Instagram and make a new friend! Enviado do meu iPhone usando o Rabbit Forum
  9. LisaRabbit

    Rabbit moving his mouth too much

    My rabbit is very moving his mouth as if chewing, but is not. What can it be? Thanks guys! Enviado do meu iPhone usando o Rabbit Forum
  10. LisaRabbit

    Clotrimazole and griseofulvin fungus in the ear

    Hey guys! Anyone been through this before? My little Lisa have fungus in his ear. And I read that I can give her Clotrimazole cream and griseofulvin oral. It's the right thing? Enviado do meu iPhone usando o Rabbit Forum
  11. LisaRabbit

    About diet and poops over the house :)

    I wonder how much hay should I give to my dwarf rabbit 3 months old. Because if I leave hay available all day and take out her cage she poops all over the house. she knows how to use the bathroom of the cage and poops in there too. But it seems she is hungry every two hours..eats, poops, rest...
  12. LisaRabbit

    Bunny shaking ears and head

    Hey guys, my 3 months years old rabbit shakes her ears twice or three times a day. And sometimes she shakes her head a little before start running. Enviado do meu iPhone usando o Rabbit Forum
  13. LisaRabbit

    Fuzzi lop ?

    Hey everybody ! Can someone tell me what breed my little Lisa is? She has 3 and a half months. In the store they tell me she is lop, they really don't now. Thanks! Enviado do meu iPhone usando o Rabbit Forum
  14. LisaRabbit

    Bunny rolling down the cage's ramp

    Hello guys! my bunny has a cage with 4 floors, and she loved it! But today she rolled in a strange way down the ramp and in the 2nd floor, she kept her self as she felt, almost upside down! She do it normally when is relax, but not rolling on the 2nd to the 1st floor. Enviado do meu iPhone...
  15. LisaRabbit

    Pool party!

    I wanted to tell you guys the adventure of my rabbit today, I took her to the lawn and she jumped in the pool !! fluctuated and I took fast !! dried with soft cold hairdryer. She it's ok now! It was scary but funny at the same time. She has only three months! My little dwarf Lisa. :) Enviado...
  16. LisaRabbit

    Chocked rabbit!!!

    Hey guys ! My little Lisa rabbit eat a piece of banana and bark...and she get chocked because she eat so fast Four times she choked and tried to get out but could not. After 2 hours she looks better. But seems like she is trying to swallow this. She can breath normally and she is quiet now...