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  1. PipkinbunRibb

    Bringing an outdoor bunny inside for good...?

    Glad everything is going smoothly! That bunny is adorable great picture! Haha the stretched out foot! :bunny17:
  2. PipkinbunRibb

    Anya's new cage

    Yeah if you guys have to deal with that florida heat then that's a very good idea to have an option for both tile and carpet. Yeah that's what I was afraid of with the cermic bowl :baghead my rabbit is the same way he's very pushy with things. The plastic dish attatched sounds like a great idea...
  3. PipkinbunRibb

    Anya's new cage

    Looks like a nice place to live! Be sure the tile doesn't get too chilly though! :bunny19 I use a ceramic bowl for my rabbit's food, they are very easy to find especially at a pet store, but use this with caution because if yours is a bit hyper the bowl could be pushed around and broken easily...
  4. PipkinbunRibb

    Second home rabbits?

    Hahah believe me, I know it is a long time :pullhair: but most rabbits don't take that long, and either way, the wait is usually worth it. Just be patient with your bun :bunnyhug: Treats are a big help!! :bunny24
  5. PipkinbunRibb

    Bringing an outdoor bunny inside for good...?

    Bringing your bunny in would be a great idea. Outside rabbits have much greater risks especially with age. But yes probably slowly adapting your bun to the temperature inside would be good to avoid shock or confusion :biggrin:
  6. PipkinbunRibb

    Do you let the rabbits outdoors & under what circumstances?

    I'm very happy to read you guys being safe with your out door buns!:goodjob I haven't taken Pipkin outside because we have many wild animals pass through and i worry the smell would frighten him, or worse, one would come by and take him! He's a very skittish rabbit when frightened, and I'm a...
  7. PipkinbunRibb

    keeping that rabbit smell to a minimum?

    I would avoid the Aspen shavings as they can irritate the bunny bum :bunnybutt: I use carefresh ultra and clean the litter daily. Carefresh is a bit more expensive than others, and isn't necessary, there are many other cheaper alternatives! Just stay away from the wood shavings because these can...
  8. PipkinbunRibb

    Bunny bath?

    :no:I don't recommend giving a bath unless he has "poopy butt".:bunnybutt: Bathing your rabbit has many high health and emotional risks. I would look for a safe to use wipe to try if it's only certain parts of your bunny. If he does have "poopy butt" or you can not clean him off with rabbit-safe...
  9. PipkinbunRibb

    Hootie had a photoshoot today.

    So cute! HAHAHA I can see the gremlin resemblance :laugh:
  10. PipkinbunRibb

    Second home rabbits?

    I wouldn't worry too much, rabbits really do take some time to adjust to their owners and have a secure bond. I have had my rabbit Pipkin for almost 3 years and for nearly half of that time, he was extremely resistant to being held or pet anywhere other than his head. Now I can take him to my...
  11. PipkinbunRibb

    Drinking lots

    I think he may be fine, some rabbits drink LOTS of water and are perfectly healthy. My friend's rabbit is smaller than mine and she drinks more than mine.
  12. PipkinbunRibb

    About to put my bunnies on Oxbow T

    My dutch uses Oxbow, and honestly I just fill up his bowl and he eats when he's hungry. He's in perfect weight and health. However I now some rabbits just eat constantly because it's delicious! What size is your bowl/can you insert a picture of the bowl? If you are unsure and want an exact...
  13. PipkinbunRibb

    Picking up and brushing my bun

    Adding onto that ^ Rabbits also feel safer with a firmer hand/confident handler. The squirming should start to lower a bit once they get the sense of safety and knowing you have the control. I also reward my rabbit with a nice treat if I successfully pick him up, hold him/pet him, and put him...
  14. PipkinbunRibb

    Rabbit naughty behaviour help

    I would recommend seeing if his personality changes by seperating them temporarily, this may make a HUGE effect and have him go back to being sweet and cuddly, or he may become sad and depressed. If that happens, I would say put them back together, but only for periods of time during the day...
  15. PipkinbunRibb

    Help! Rabbit attack

    Are you with her when she handles him? Maybe she isn't picking him up right or making him feel uncomfortable. If you are with her while she handles him and she's doing everything right but he still attacks, have her start off with a slower bond with things like hand feeding, strokes on the...
  16. PipkinbunRibb

    Bumps on my rabbit's back

    Try and get a piece and put it on something where you can see what it is and use a magnifying glass to see better. I would recommend taking your rabbit to the vet anyways since he is new to the home from a breeder, it's best to make sure there aren't any other unknown health problems the breeder...
  17. PipkinbunRibb

    Out of cage time? How much?

    The benefits of having your rabbits out longer would probably be: 1. Better Health 2. Better socialization (handling/petting) 3. When rabbits use enough energy, they are calm and sweet. When they are rowdy, it is near opposite. The disadvantages 1. Safety (This isn't a problem if you have your...
  18. PipkinbunRibb

    What's your favorite breed?

    I love all rabbit breeds, they're all so unique! I have a dutch who I'm absolutely in love with, but I read they can be territorial at times but I don't see my bun ever being aggresive :dutch I also think the Tan rabbits and English Spots are beautiful. But again any rabbit is adorable to me...
  19. PipkinbunRibb

    Out of cage time? How much?

    I leave my buns cage open all the time, it's hooked up to his play pen so he can choose when it's play time or when it's relaxing time :happyrabbit:
  20. PipkinbunRibb

    New bun; questions!

    I would wait at least a week or two before taking him to the vet, basically whenever he seems well adjusted to his new home. Also, I would slowly start introducing him to your carrying cage so when you do take him to the vet he isn't startled by the new place. As for the attention/bonding, leave...