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  1. babybun

    Help identifying my new baby bun! Rex? Satin?

    Hi everybunny! It's been a long time, but Winston recently got a new somebunny! Her name is Dahlia and we're not sure what breed she is, or how big she will get. I want to make sure that they'll both have plenty of room once she's fully grown. The person we got her from said that she was a...
  2. babybun

    Balding near base of neck/between shoulders?

    Hi All, Was grooming Winston today and noticed that his bald spot is getting bigger. The bald spot was there when I first got him, and when I took him to the vet, she said that it wasn't mites. But it's definitely gotten bigger since I've last had a good look at it, and I'm wondering if...
  3. babybun

    Has anybody flown with their bunny in-cabin?

    I'm taking a trip with Winston, and have decided to fly him in-cabin with me. The thought of him all alone in the cargo hold terrifies me! I've already contacted the airline and reserved a spot for him, and he'll be going under the seat in front of me. Question is, I can't find ANY information...
  4. babybun

    Digging Boxes! Looking for tips and advice for what goes in them!

    Hey all! I have a "digging" box for Winston that consists of a blanket, some toys, and ripped up paper. I recently got the idea of putting bedding, like carefresh, into a cardboard box and using THAT as a digging box (I've heard that carefresh bedding encourages digging and burrowing...
  5. babybun

    HELP!!! Rabbit screamed in the middle of the night???

    It's 4 in the morning now, and about a half hour ago I was woken up by some terrible screaming and Winston ramming his body against his cage?? He doesn't seem to be hurt, but why did this happen??? It's so scary and I don't want him to feel scared like this ever again. This has NEVER happened...
  6. babybun

    Both testicles swollen after neuter??

    Hello again everybody! Winston was neutered two days ago, and I'm a little worried about him. He's finally eating and hopping around like his usual self, but his private parts are a little concerning. I've searched for posts on this forum, and it looks like a lot of people have seen just one...
  7. babybun

    Could my Holland Lop actually be a Mini Lop?

    Hi everybody! A quick update: I was able to find a rabbit savvy vet in the area, and have already booked an appointment for Winston! When I was making the appointment, I was asked what breed Winston was. I told them that he is a Holland Lop, but he does seem a little big. I was told...
  8. babybun

    Rabbit owners of Boston, where did you get your bunnies neutered?

    Winston is starting to get to that age where I need to get him neutered. I just called Alliance for Animals, but was told that they don't neuter rabbits, and I'm on hold for Animal Rescue League of Boston. Can anybody help me out?
  9. babybun

    Fantastic litter box skills... but only during the day

    It's taken a few weeks, but Winston is great with the litter box. But only during the day. I put him in his cage when I sleep, and when I wake up the floor of the cage is covered in his rabbit poops. There shouldn't be any confusion because I only have litter in the box, and the bottom of...
  10. babybun

    HELP! Eating less, soft poop, not eating hay!

    I've had Winston for a week now, and I'm worried about him! I noticed that his poop was getting a little soft, and he hasn't been eating pellets like he used to! When I first brought him home, I would fill up his bowl with pellets before I left for work, and it would be empty by the time I got...
  11. babybun

    First time rabbit owner looking for advice from experienced owners!

    Hi everybody! I brought home a baby boy Holland Lop last Friday. I know I've only had him for four days, but I'm getting worried that he'll never warm up to me or want to use his litter box! I've set up a litter box in his cage, with hay hanging over that, with his pellets and water in a...