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    Baby sable lilac magpie 💜

    I love her so much! I pick her up in 2 weeks. She doesn’t have as much of the magpie markings as I was wanting but she is still just as cute :)
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    Holland lop doe small crown

    I reserved this lilac magpie Holland lop doe. Her crown looks a bit small, will her ears stay up like this with her crown being smaller?
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    Can illness stay on items?

    I had a rabbit that had respiratory disease and passed. I am building a new enclosure for my new rabbits but when they get neutered they will have to be separated and I plan on using the old cage for them to be separated. Is it safe for a new bun to be in the old cage? I have disinfected it but...
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    Brining home two Holland lop brothers!

    I’m bringing two buck Holland lops from the same litter. I know they will be okay together now while they are young but how good of an idea is it to have two bucks together? Are they likely to fight? I added some photos of them just for fun. They’re so sweet and I’m excited, I just want to make...
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    Can anyone tell what colour this Holland lop baby is?

    Would this be smoked pearl, blue point, smoked pearl marten? I pick him up on May 4th :)