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  1. hamcham

    Pictures of my reserved mini lop...

    Thanks, another two weeks to go! X
  2. hamcham

    Fly Strike on my diasbled bunny, is it time to let go?

    Such a huge improvement
  3. hamcham

    Pictures of my reserved mini lop...

    Endo is short for endometriosis which I have so I don't think I'll go with that. I think Bailey might be the one!
  4. hamcham


    I would think if candles were safe for people they would be OK for rabbits.
  5. hamcham

    Pictures of my reserved mini lop...

    This is my boy, I can't wait to get him on 25th of the month. He is a black butterfly mini lop. I am trying to pick names. First name that came to mind is Bailey and then George.
  6. hamcham

    Buck or Doe?

    Perfect thanks so much
  7. hamcham

    Fly Strike on my diasbled bunny, is it time to let go?

    Wow you are amazing with your care and dedication. He certainly appears much improved which is wonderful. I despise flies so much. Keep fighting Bunny x
  8. hamcham

    Buck or Doe?

    Hi there, thanks so much for your reply. Your buns sound lovely and such great names. I think I should stick with my male as he did attract me straight away given his unusual markings.
  9. hamcham

    Buck or Doe?

    Anyone have any preference over bucks or doe? I want a friendly laid back bun so have picked a buck but I can pick a doe if needed. I know each has their own personality but I'm just wondering in a more general term?
  10. hamcham

    Last-Day at Shelter Adoption!

    She is beautiful x
  11. hamcham

    Can rabbits have this kind of lavender(pic)

    Its not a butterfly bush (real name is Buddleia ) its French lavender .
  12. hamcham

    Breed help?

    He is lovely. I don't know what he is though x x
  13. hamcham

    Two tone bunny

    This is my reserved bunny. He is so cute having a black head and white body. I just couldn't resist him. What do you think?
  14. hamcham

    Reserved a bunny

    Thanks. I can't wait to get him and I need to decide on his living quarters x
  15. hamcham

    9months bunny one ear dropped? Help

    He is so cute. I think it suits him so well. X
  16. hamcham

    Reserved a bunny

    Finally after much research I have decided to go with the mini lop and have just reserved a cute buck. He isn't ready until end of September but that gives me time to get organised. Here he is....
  17. hamcham

    Introducing...Forrest Gump!

    He is lovely x