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  1. RWAF

    Covid-19 and vaccination for UK owners

    We have just posted an update on our own Blog, which I'll reproduce below. all the RWAF Blog posts relating to Cov-19 and how it affects rabbits in the UK can be found here Covid-19 | Rabbit Welfare Association & Fund (RWAF) Covid-19 and Vaccinations Dear Rabbit Owner This is an update of our...
  2. RWAF

    RVHD2 confirmed in the USA

    We at the RWAF in the UK were sorry to read that RVHD2 has made its way to the USA. Here is the most up to date information from the US Dept of Agriculture This appears to be a separate outbreak...
  3. RWAF

    RHD in North America

    Sadly the deadly new strain of the RHD (Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease) virus has been confirmed in British Columbia. In response the Canadian Govt has allowed the import from Europe of Filavac vaccine. Here is their announcement This disease...
  4. RWAF

    UK vet list regularly updated

    The RWAF Rabbit Friendly Vet List which shows vets verified by our Specialist Veterinary Adviser Dr Richard Saunders, is available online here Vets have to pass a searching assessment to be included...
  5. RWAF

    North American Rabbit Owners' survey

    Tasha Welsh, an MSc candidate at the Department of Population Medicine, Ontario Veterinary College, has compiled a survey for rabbit owners. This is pertinent only to owners living in North America, so please if you live elsewhere do not take part. For those taking part there is a 1 in 100...
  6. RWAF

    Rabbiting On Feeding Special

    The Autumn issue of Rabbiting On should be landing on members' doormats this week. If you're not a member, why not join? International memberships are also available
  7. RWAF

    UK members - Another outbreak warning

    There has been a confirmed case of Myxomatosis in an unvaccinated pet rabbit in the Leicestershire area. Please please make sure that your rabbits' vaccinations are up to date, and share this alert to make sure that other rabbit owners are aware. There was a VHD outbreak in Newcastle upon...
  8. RWAF

    UK members - suspected VHD outbreak in Newcastle upon Tyne

    One of our rabbit friendly vets has just been in touch to advise us that there is a VHD outbreak suspected in Newcastle Upon Tyne. This is not confirmed by a lab as yet, but in the vet's opinion this is very likely to be the case. Please share this information, and make sure your rabbits'...
  9. RWAF

    Rabbiting On Summer 13 will be out soon

    A sneak peek at the Summer issue which is out soon! If you love rabbits and have not already subscribed why not treat yourself?
  10. RWAF

    Muesli based diets - new research

    Our Veterinary Adviser, Richard Saunders, attended the British Small Animal Veterinary Association Annual Congress at the weekend, where Professor Anna Meredith revealed the findings of the feeding trial that has been carried out by the University of Edinburgh, FERA (Food and Environment...
  11. RWAF

    VHD outbreak, Kidderminster, UK

    We have recently been notified of an outbreak of suspected Rabbit Viral Haemorrhagic Disease in Kidderminster. Our sympathies are with the owners of any rabbits suffering this terrible, fatal disease, and it is worth reminding owners what steps they should take to avoid infection. Vaccination...
  12. RWAF

    Rabbit Welfare

    The Rabbit Welfare Association & Fund (RWAF), the largest charity with the sole aim of improving the lives of pet rabbits in the UK, is delighted by the EU ban on animal testing of cosmetics. The rabbit is closely linked to animal testing, even to the point of being the symbol used on cosmetics...
  13. RWAF

    Avoiding unwanted litters

    Rescue centres are often presented with female rabbits that are either pregnant, soon to give birth to many kits, or with a litter already. This is an extra strain on the limited space for rescuing and rehoming rabbits, which can result in many rabbits being euthanased, or left in terrible...
  14. RWAF

    Do you believe that A Hutch Is Not Enough?

    If you believe that 'A Hutch is Not Enough' you can show you care by signing up and becoming an official supporter of the campaign. You'll get an exclusive car sticker that is only available to AHINE supporters.
  15. RWAF

    Australia: Sydney - RVHD release Any Australian members, please be aware if you live in Sydney, get your rabbits' RVHD vaccinations up to date
  16. RWAF

    Winter exercise

    Our 'A hutch is Not Enough' study showed that even in winter, rabbits prefer the option of being able to exercise outside of their hutch. We've put some tips together here:[1].pdf Out door bunny owners - is your hutch attached to your...
  17. RWAF

    Best of Rabbiting On

    We are so excited to announce the launch of The Best of Rabbiting On collection for iPads. It's available now from the App Store for only £2.99 and includes carefully selected articles from Rabbiting On, including some new pieces especially written for this collection and not available...
  18. RWAF

    Myth Busters: Fur coats

    Bunny Myth Buster – “They’ve got fur coats so they’re okay in the cold”. Rabbits’ coats obviously do give them some protection against the cold but to say that it makes them immune is like saying a snail can stop a bullet with its shell! In the wild, rabbits live in underground burrows...
  19. RWAF

    Rabbit Rescue Survey

    Calling all UK rabbit rescue centres! Please complete this short survey to give us a snap shot of the health problems you have to deal with. The lovely folks at Rabbits Require Rights (Scotland) have a meeting with their SMP on Monday and would like this information by then, so please respond...
  20. RWAF

    Own them right

    Please share if you believe that Rabbits Deserve Better