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  1. ashlea

    Breeders Database

    Hi, I am starting to breed and wanted to know what the best online database is. I have seen Bunny Book Keeper and Rabbit Book Keeper. Wanting something like a family tree/something that I am able to add in information such as dates, colours and litter information. Something you would see if...
  2. ashlea

    BEW Breeding

    Hi, I’m thinking of starting a BEW breeding program however are quite confused to start with. I will be getting a BEW male. What does do you recommend? i know that it is not recommended to get another BEW and lilac, chocolate. I was thinking of getting another VM doe to start with. I am...
  3. ashlea

    Will females fight?

    They aren’t litter mates however they met quite young so I’m hoping there isn’t too many issues but I guess only time will tell. I also watch their dynamics closely when they are outside in the runs.
  4. ashlea

    Will females fight?

    Yes thank you this is my worry. The rabbits cage is quite large and they get a really large run around every night. I think I will just really carefully watch them and if it does get out of hand I might try and remove the aggressive rabbit otherwise all 3 can be split. I also have a small back...
  5. ashlea

    Should I put rabbits in a shed through winter?

    I’m not sure which would be better however I’ve also seen these little almost hot water bottles but they are called cuddle pads for rabbits or something that keeps the warmth for up to 10 hours. You could put one of this in the area they sleep in at night alternatively. I would also just...
  6. ashlea

    Will females fight?

    Thank you! Do they all of a sudden start to fight? Or did you notice some more tension first? Is there anyway we could try for them to be together and separate when necessary or does it get nasty fast? I don’t want them to be injured at all however thought maybe we could try for them to...
  7. ashlea

    Will females fight?

    Hi, We have 3 females who we might plan to breed next year. Otherwise all will be getting desexed. Currently they are all under 12 weeks and we have them in 1 large hutch together. I know soon their hormones will kick in. I’m just wondering because they are bonded already will they continue...
  8. ashlea

    Breeding rabbit colours.

    Thank you for your wealth of knowledge! It’s really hard to find out this information and it’s been interesting to learn. I am thinking of having 3 does that would be VM with blue eyes (VM mother and VE father) , blue (mother blue and father was seal point) and a sooty fawn. Whilst I love...
  9. ashlea

    Breeding rabbit colours.

    I am trying to learn about the dominate colours in mini lop rabbits. We have a seal point male (left) We are thinking of breeding him and wondering what colours he will throw. I know he has vienna and harlequin in his background. Looking at the orange broken butterfly colours, seal...
  10. ashlea

    What type of bunny?

    My female has lopped ears (grey) however my male was advertised as lopped ears however they tend to stand up or lay on his back. Do you know what type of rabbit he is? Also in future if I breed these two rabbits will they most likely have lopped ears or ears like the male? I am unsure what is...
  11. ashlea

    What colour would parents be?

    I asked for photos of parents however they didn’t have any. These are photos of the two colours in the litter however most are the brown/grey colour with only one seal nosed. What colour do you think the parents were?
  12. ashlea

    Colour of bunnies?

    I have just posted photos below :)
  13. ashlea

    Colour of bunnies?

    The white rabbit below is my male rabbit when he was a bit younger. Apparently this is also the same colour of both of the females dads. The females mums are the light grey colour. As both females come from the same parents I am wondering if I should get a grey female or black female and...
  14. ashlea

    Colour of bunnies?

    I have a white/black (seal point) male and I’m wondering if it would be better to breed him with a grey female or black female. Both of the females are from the same litter with dad being a white/black seal point and mum is grey. I am hoping for more of a solid coloured bunnies instead of...