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  1. colonel17

    Vacation Question!

    Hi everyone! I just have a quick question, possibly looking for a little advice on what you would do! In a few weeks I will be going away for the night and have someone coming to stay with my animals. Obviously I will have my bunnies food prepped and ready the correct way, all the sitter will...
  2. colonel17

    Bunny Chat!

    Hello! I’m Duck! I am a soon to be 7 month old Netherland Dwarf! I’m my moms baby and she’s absolutely obsessed with me (how annoying🙄) It’s nice to meet everyBUN!🥰🐰
  3. colonel17

    Why did my bunny pass away? :(

    Hello Everyone! This is probably a long shot but maybe someone can help? I bought my bunny from the pet store last Tuesday (1/19/21) but couldn’t bring him home until Friday (1/22/21) because he had just been brought into the store and needed a few days to relax! Picked him up around 1 on Friday...