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  1. taylerhill

    Red urine from female rabbit

    I just got a new rabbit yesterday. She is a 3 month old mini rex. She seems happy and active. But her urine is red. Do rabbits go into heat? It seems early for her to be in heat. I put a white towel in her hutch last night for her to sleep on and she peed on it, which shows the red. I attached a...
  2. taylerhill

    Searching for a name!

    Hello everyone, I'm getting this sweet girl tomorrow! She is a mini rex! Any ideas for names? I'm thinking something like Caramel but want to see if anyone has and other ideas that I might happen to fall in love with. Thank you!
  3. taylerhill

    Permanent run suggestions

    I am looking for suggestions on building a permanent outdoor run attached to Einstein's cage. Right now he has a run built out of wire storage cubes that I put out in the yard and then let him play. But since it isn't attached to his house and doesn't have a floor, he needs supervision when he...
  4. taylerhill

    Flea/tick prevention for rabbits?

    I was just thinking to myself that is almost time to buy new flea/tick prevention for my dogs and cats, which made me wonder if rabbits need any too? My rabbit is an outdoor bunny, and we do live in an area where fleas and ticks are common. I haven't heard of needing this for rabbits, but I just...
  5. taylerhill

    Help determining age

    I got a young male lionhead from a local pet store here and I have a vague idea of how old he is but I was wondering if there are ways to get a more accurate guess on his age. I haven't been able to weigh him because all we have is an old bathroom scale that isn't very accurate. His teeth look...
  6. taylerhill

    Pro's and Con's of Neutering

    Hello everyone! I have a young male lionhead, and I am considering getting him neutered. I have had rabbits in the past, but I have never had any of them fixed, so I'm wondering what the pros and cons are to having him neutered? He is the only rabbit I have right now. We do have wild rabbits...
  7. taylerhill

    Rest in Peace, Snowbelle

    Last Sunday, my rabbit who I had for 8 years, passed away. I bought her when she was just a baby at the local county fair. She was the sweetest rabbit I have ever met. She loved to be held and petted. I trained her to lay calmly on her back so I could trim her nails. She loved to run in the...