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  1. stevesmum

    Today is International Rabbit Day

    Today is a good day to think about rabbits in our lives, on farms, in labs and in the wild. Give your bunny an extra treat and an extra smooch!
  2. stevesmum

    Who says rabbits aren't smart??
  3. stevesmum

    Mounting a stuffie

    I gave Cali a stuffed rabbit to play with, it's supposed to be a surrogate rabbit that looks real and I got off years ago for another bunny that never took to it. Well to my amused shock Cali was quite aggressively mounting it and grooming it, sometimes giving it nips all over...
  4. stevesmum

    Rabbit fight - please advise

    Hi everyone, We've had chip for over a month now, hoping to bond him with our spayed female. He was neutered in January. They have lived side by side and We have done about a half dozen bunny dates in neutral territory. Cali, the female, has growled and tried to bite him several times now...
  5. stevesmum

    How to safely remove sticky residue from fur?

    Hi everyone, I'm just wondering the best way to remove an unknown sticky residue that has formed a clump with fur on my rescue bunny's face. He had this when we adopted him a week ago and it hasn't improved. I have no idea what it is, just that it's sticky and maybe a big greasy. No colour to...
  6. stevesmum

    Question about wood stove pellets

    I have decided not to use shavings anymore, I can't live with the mess they create. I have looked in vain for these horse stall pellets but no one carries them here. Finally I bought a pelleted litter at pet smart that is made from recycled paper. It works fine but it's so expensive! I know some...
  7. stevesmum

    Cage niceties

    I'm always looking for ways to spoil my rabbits and make their home as comfy as possible. Unfortunately they're always looking for ways to thwart my efforts and destroy the nice things I give them. Cali has a nice new enclosure with a hidey hole in a lower cabinet. I had put a small memory foam...
  8. stevesmum

    Raise your hand if you have a rabbit that's a jerk

    Anyone else? The rabbit we adopted before Christmas, whom we have named Clark, is to be honest a bit of an A-hole. He's just over a year old, has been neutered since late spring or summer. He lunges at my hand when I try to give him a treat. He ducks his head and runs when I try to pet him most...
  9. stevesmum

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    Wishing all bunnies and their families a safe and Happy Holiday. Peace on Earth and lots of treats from Santa. :heartbeat:
  10. stevesmum

    Cali is single and ready to mingle

    Let's start with a bit of background. About 6 weeks ago Cali lost her friend Steve suddenly. We waited til she seemed ok and went to the humane society to find a mate. We adopted a young doe that seemed promising but unfortunately the two of them fought and fought whenever we took them on a...
  11. stevesmum

    Edmonton, AB rabbit savvy veterinarians

    At Calgary trail pet hospital Dr. Kathy Chappell and Dr. Van Boxtel are both excellent rabbit savvy vets.
  12. stevesmum

    Two marble sized lumps on neck

    Hi everyone. So we adopted a 9 month old spayed doe from the humane society yesterday. Today I was petting her and noted two firm marble sized lumps on her neck. THey don't seem to cause her discomfort at all. I am dreading they are abscesses. I will be phoning the shelter to let them know. But...
  13. stevesmum

    Bonding two spayed females

    I hope there are success stories out there when it comes to bonding two spayed does. Because only the bunny chick seems to advocate for it when I look around online. Today we went to the humane society with Cali, our spayed 4 year old doe. She lost her partner Steve two weeks ago but has been...
  14. stevesmum

    Goodbye Steve

    Steve passed away suddenly today. He had an issue with his teeth where he would choke and spit up phlegm sometimes. About 8 months ago he had his teeth worked on which helped solve the issue but today he had a choking episode which took him from me. I couldn't help him and I will have to live...
  15. stevesmum

    Advice please, plan to sell house and move with rabbits

    I guess what I'm looking for here is people's experiences, maybe some advice and encouragement. We are planning to move soon, the time has come to upgrade our home to something larger. We met with a realtor tonight, and he suggests we put the house on the market by the end of January, so that...
  16. stevesmum

    Happy Easter

    Happy Easter and happy spring from steve, cali, patty and Jeremy!
  17. stevesmum

    Supper time!

    Cali and Steve enjoy a nice green salad. What did YOU have for supper?
  18. stevesmum

    Neutered male mounting again

    Well steve and cali have been living happily together for almost two years now. Both are fixed. I never determined who is top rabbit, she grooms him more but she also nips him when she wants him out of the way. Recently he started buzzing at her, and mounting her, mostly her face but...
  19. stevesmum

    Can rabbits eat fennel?

    Hi everyone long time no write. Just need to know if I can feed my rabbits fennel? I bought a ?bulb? for a recipe and it cost like $7! I don't want it to go to waste. If rabbits can eat fennel what part? The tops or the bulb? I'd appreciate any advice from people who've tried it :?
  20. stevesmum

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all from Steve and Cali. We wish you happiness and health, and many new toys and treats under the tree.