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  1. rokin14

    Rabbit Hay

    This has all been incredibly helpful! I appreciate the links and information, especially regarding to check the hay for mold/wetness.. etc. I usually take for granted that the Rabbit House Society chooses great hay and that I don't need to check. Thank you again everyone! Maybe, I can find a...
  2. rokin14

    Rabbit Hay

    Hello! I have a black Dutch rabbit. I live in Columbia, MO, and usually get my rabbit hay from St. Louis, MO, at the St. Louis House Rabbit Society and buy in bulk. I typically get him first cut hay. But I've been busy with the holiday season and have not been able to get hay from the House...
  3. rokin14

    I swear, I only went to look! : )

    Oh. My. Gosh. He is such a cutie! Enjoy him!
  4. rokin14


    My vet believes part of the reason my rabbit got sick is from me burning my candle so it's def. Not best. Taylor & Lucas
  5. rokin14

    Relaxed Rabbits?

    Is it normal for a rabbit to calm down after getting to know you? I adopted Lucas 3 weeks ago and I've noticed at night he's much more relaxed and enjoys laying down and just hanging out where before he wanted to run around, granted he's on antibiotics for the snuffles so he might be fatigued...
  6. rokin14


    I took him to a vet who owns two rabbits and said she has experience with them and she gave Lucas eye drops to prevent discharge and TMS also known as trimethoprim sulfa syrup as an oral antibiotic. We started him yesterday and from the research I've done it isn't a bad antibiotic. I couldn't...
  7. rokin14


    All of this was SO helpful. Thank you so much. I've been freaking out all day. I've been watching him all day. I won't put him on his back and I'll def. Take some of the advice that was given from the other site. Taylor & Lucas
  8. rokin14


    Yesterday I noticed he had signs of discharge in his nose and coming out some through his nose, now I hear him sniffling to pull back the discharge. I go to Mizzou in Missouri and we don't have a rabbit vet in the area so I have to drive back to STL and take him to the vet tomorrow, also it's...
  9. rokin14

    Introducing...Forrest Gump!

    Oh my gosh he's gorgeous. What beautiful colors! Taylor & Lucas
  10. rokin14


    Well shoot, now I feel bad if he's just saying hi. Thank you so much! Taylor & Lucas
  11. rokin14

    My Rabbit has an abscess in her cheek!

    Sorry, that was my fault for assuming. I'm happy to hear things worked out(: Taylor & Lucas
  12. rokin14

    My Rabbit has an abscess in her cheek!

    How far out of your town have you looked? Also, what state are you in? Taylor & Lucas
  13. rokin14

    Pray/send love for miko

    I'm so sorry to hear. Prayers are being sent your way. Taylor & Lucas
  14. rokin14


    Background info: Lucas turned one earlier this week and I adopted him two weeks ago. Problem: When I sit down on the floor he comes to my side and sniffs then nips my side, and sometimes it hurts and sometimes it doesn't. I don't want this behavior to continue or get worse and I've clapped...
  15. rokin14

    Fun Quirks

    Awh I love all of these! Taylor & Lucas
  16. rokin14

    Fun Quirks

    Awh these are all so cute! Sorry about your loss. I really enjoy hearing about others experiences with their rabbits. Taylor & Lucas
  17. rokin14

    Holland Lop needs home- Missouri

    Have you heard anything yet? Taylor & Lucas
  18. rokin14

    Fun Quirks

    I thought I'd start a thread on the funny yet weird things our bunny's do that makes them unique. So I'll start... My rabbit Lucas likes to run around my apartment and if I'm in the way, he'll give me two or three nudges to get me out of the way then he will lightly nip and then run away and...
  19. rokin14

    Oliver's first picture!

    Awh what a cutie! Enjoy! Taylor & Lucas
  20. rokin14

    New Mama!

    Awh thank you! Also, thank you for the advice about his little nibbles! Taylor & Lucas