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  1. AwesomeBunnyBlossom

    Pet shed

    Hi guys, So I'm moving out of my parents house and taking my 2 rabbits and 5 guinea pigs with me. They are currently living indoors however I am hoping to move them outside and would like some advice. I'm planning on converting a massive 10ft by 13ft shed into a house for them! Has anyone on...
  2. AwesomeBunnyBlossom

    Advice needed! ~ sore hocks ~ :-(

    Advice needed please 🐰 I was trimming blossoms nails a few days ago and noticed two sore small patches on her heels! It looks like the start of sore hocks to me 😞💔 I hadn't noticed it before because her fluffy feet were hiding it! However I had noticed she had been...
  3. AwesomeBunnyBlossom

    Advice needed please help!

    Hi guys, So little over a week ago I came home from university to find Blossom hopping around holding one eye shut. About an hour or so passed and she was still doing it and I also noticed it was very red and watery looking (just the one eye). I took her to the vet right way, where they gave...
  4. AwesomeBunnyBlossom

    Online hay suppliers, UK

    Hi everyone, I was just wondering if any one from the UK orders hay in bulk online? At the moment I have been giving blossom burgess Timothy hay from [email protected] however it's working out quite expensive and I've heard a lot about pet shop hays being poor quality! I found lots of websites that...
  5. AwesomeBunnyBlossom

    Bunny rabbits are so cheeky!

    Just wondering if I am the only one with a cheeky bunny?! What are your stories? Just noticed that when ever Blossom is being naughty and she is told off she comes straight up to me and starts licking my nose. Which of course melts my heart and distracts me from her being naughty because it is...
  6. AwesomeBunnyBlossom

    To spay or not to spay?!

    Hi, I'm not sure whether I should get blossom spayed or not. She is only 10 weeks old at the moment so it would still be a while yet but just wondering what the pros and cons are. I only have one rabbit so I do not have to worry about her getting pregnant. The breeder I got her from said I...
  7. AwesomeBunnyBlossom

    Proud new bunny mummy!

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to share a pic of my new little bun! This is little Blossom, she is a 10 week old mini lop doe and I love her to bits!