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  1. mrbunny

    Wire Storage Cubes for Chatham Residents

    See Kijiji: $5 for 31 wire grid panels. I think it's a pretty good price.
  2. mrbunny

    Jojo's Best Premium Select Western Orchard Grass

    I buy "treat hays" for my rabbits on top of their bales of timothy hay (which I buy from farm). I usually buy Oxbow's Orchard Grass Hay in its 9lbs or 25lbs boxes for my rabbits. (I would buy it in bales if I could but in the GTA is timothy/alfalfa hay bales.) The place where I usually buy it...
  3. mrbunny

    Frequent Grunting

    Another behavioural question: My Bighead grunts very frequently. I consider him my happiest bunny (flops over the most), and he has a fairly easy-going temperament. He is not a violent bunny (although there was one time he tried to charge at a plate of pomelo). On the other hand, Bighead...
  4. mrbunny


    How often should matting occur? My rabbits are currently going through a molting period. During my weekly routine checkups, I have been noticing that one of my rabbits have been experiencing some matting around the tail area. This is the third week in the row where I have had to dab out the...
  5. mrbunny

    TORONTO AREA: Free Bale of Alfalfa Hay

    Hello, My boyfriend mistakenly purchased the incorrect type of hay for my rabbits earlier this week and now I have a bale of Merrybrook Farm alfalfa hay. The hay is very fresh, green, and fragrant. The bale is measured at approximately 14" x 18" x 36". It can fit in the back of the...
  6. mrbunny

    Timothy Hay for GTA / Ontario

    Hello, Since Ms Bun Poopers goes through tons of hay just by her lonesome and now with the addition of Mr Bighead, I've been planning to buy my first bale of hay for some time, which I picked up on Monday. For those who are looking for a good bale of hay in the GTA, try: Merrybrook Farm 9110...
  7. mrbunny

    First *affordable* spay/neuter booked (GTA)!

    Hello, New around here. My first rabbit, Ms Bun Poopers, came to me, mostly by coincidence, because we found her abandoned in an apartment building in a suitcase. Our second rabbit, Mr Bighead, is a very recent addition, who is adopted from Brampton Animal Services on 9 April 2011. Since...