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  1. stevesmum

    Rabbit fight - please advise

    @Chelsey: I would say the biggest thing that set them up for success was switching them between enclosures each and every night. And I did that for months. Every step was taken slowly because I was determined to succeed. It sounds like there’s some positive signs with your two, he just needs to...
  2. stevesmum

    Rabbit fight - please advise

    Hello all, I’ve been away for a while but decided to log back in and say hi. I admit when the site format changed I just didn’t have time to adjust to it. Anyhoo. Chip and Cali are still in love and living the dream in our basement. They are mostly free roam. Chip has stopped coming upstairs for...
  3. stevesmum

    Oldest Bunny we have had!

    So very sorry for your loss! What an incredibly long life! I’m sure she enjoyed every minute with you.
  4. stevesmum

    Healthy bunnies pass away

    Rabbits should have hay available to them in large amounts 24 hours a day. You don’t mention any hay in your post. Hay keeps their gut moving. You also don’t mention much about the living environment, daily routine (I.e. exercise time etc) or anything like that. So it’s hard to...
  5. stevesmum

    Pregnant rabbit possibly in labor HELP

    Gestation is 31days so give her a nest box and wait for her to pull fur. Perhaps others could jump in here as I am no expert in rabbit breeding.
  6. stevesmum

    Pregnant rabbit possibly in labor HELP

    When was she bred?
  7. stevesmum


    Welcome! What a handsome fellow you have there! Have fun getting to know each other, this new bunny in the house time can be so much fun!
  8. stevesmum

    Type of breed for a companion bunny?

    I recommend opposite sex, spayed/neutered and similar in age.
  9. stevesmum

    Op or put to sleep! :(

    Sincerest condolences. You did all you could for her :rainbow:
  10. stevesmum

    Should I get my cat a companion?

    Um no. I’ve seen your other post about your mom being reluctant to spend money on the pets you do have, adding more would just complicate things wouldn’t it? Vet care can be very expensive and it’s something people don’t factor in often enough when thinking about...
  11. stevesmum

    Op or put to sleep! :(

    So sorry you are going through this. My first impression is it could be a complication from her spay surgery. But I’m not a vet. If it were me and it were affordable I think I would do the exploratory surgery but prepare myself for the worst outcome. I think bunnies have a very poor chance...
  12. stevesmum

    Rabbit fight - please advise

    Thanks everyone.. I just had a gut feeling that it would work out for them. I think it just took a lot of time for Cali to get over losing her last partner and open her heart again. To be honest, everyone who meets chip likes him, he’s just a likeable sort. Bit of a food thief, but no...
  13. stevesmum

    Are these safe to feed my bunnies?

    No they aren’t safe, sorry. Just look at the ingredients. This is junk food. I’d return it straight away.
  14. stevesmum

    Rabbit fight - please advise

    At long last I have an update. Chip and Cali have successfully bonded and are living together. I separated them for months. I still had them living side by side, and this is the key part: I switched them between enclosures, faithfully, every single night. I really think this is so important when...
  15. stevesmum

    Is two bunnies too much for one bedroom?

    One thing you need for bonding rabbits is neutral territory, which you would have plenty of when you move. So I’d wait if I were you. Are you moving soon or is that years away?
  16. stevesmum

    Can you tell me what's wrong with my rabbit?

    Part of owning pets is accepting the responsibility of providing medical care when it is needed. Please take your animal in to be evaluated.
  17. stevesmum

    Do you feed your rabbits Romaine Lettuce? E-Coli outbreak

    We have the recall here. And our preferred grocery store isn’t carrying it at all as a precaution. We are feeding green leaf lettuce as well as other greens but our rabbits aren’t picky eaters.
  18. stevesmum

    New bunny!

    So cute! He’d look adorable in a little sweater haha
  19. stevesmum

    Rabbit huff?

    Get simethicone drops for infants and give him one ml each hour up to 3 times. Make sure he’s warm and use a warm water bottle if necessary. Keep offering food and hay, hand feeding if needed. Good luck!
  20. stevesmum


    My Chip is going through a big moult right now. I find it makes them a bit grumpy too. And of course they hate to be brushed or plucked. I wonder if it itches or feels weird, like when deer scrape the velvet off their antlers?