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  1. jemm

    Any Bunny Instagrams out there?

  2. jemm

    Letting your rabbit run around the backyard?

    I let mine out In The yard all the time but we don't have any predators so I guess they are safer than most
  3. jemm

    Goodbye to our Miss Molly

    So sorry for you, sounds like Molly had a good time with you and a long great life sure she will be missed but you have all those great memories. Binky free Molly x
  4. jemm

    How worried should I be?

    Fingers crossed for Groucho
  5. jemm

    Online hay suppliers, UK Down in rainy devon! They don't seem to show the bales of hay on the website I go to the shop and they have them in the barn it works out loads cheaper than a pet shop
  6. jemm

    Online hay suppliers, UK

    I get hay from countrywide it's an equestrian shop I get a bail which lasts ages and is about £6 but i'am am wandering now if I should get a better quality of hay now ?
  7. jemm

    Shya-she does what she wants

    I love Catherine Tate her old lady character is the best!!
  8. jemm

    Word Association - 2011

  9. jemm

    Female Mini lop needs new home in MA

  10. jemm

    Maddi's funeral

    Run free little Maddi xx
  11. jemm

    What did you do today?

    I Beens chillin wiv my woman
  12. jemm

    Cost of vaccinations and castration

    I had my 2 vaccinated a couple of months ago it was was just over £100, but having had one of them get myxi a while ago it's defiantly worth it his treatment waswell over £400!!
  13. jemm

    Pics of buns!

    Oscar and carrot
  14. jemm

    Word Association - 2011

  15. jemm

    Buns are moving outside :o(

    Mine live outside and they do fine, they have free run of the garden as much as I can (supervised) if it gets cold they come in the house
  16. jemm

    Rabbit Rescue in Toru, Poland

    Good for you looks like you've done an amazing job it's good to see their are still Some decent people in the world ��
  17. jemm

    Xmas Movie Traditions

    National lampoons Christmas vacation
  18. jemm

    Word Association - 2011

  19. jemm

    Stache, the Wonder Bunny

    You have a lovely looking bun there :)