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  1. rabbitlover2019

    false nest building

    Hello every body :( My rabbit is showing false breeding(Pseudopregnancy ). Absolutely she is not pregnant. She is not Spayed. Today she started nest building and pulling her fur. Also she Fart and jump on my face. How long this may last and how can i help her? better to be caged or not?
  2. rabbitlover2019

    Help needed: problematic bunny

    hello every rabbit lover my bunny is almost 8 month old,im taking care of her from 7 month ago. She is very energic and friendly. SHE IS NOT SPAYED. she was totally free roam in my room and only pees and poops on her Letterbox until recently. it's been almost a week now since she start pooping...
  3. rabbitlover2019

    Do anyone's Rabbit jump and climp like a Cat?!

    Hi my bunny is about 3 month old. she is Holland lop-Jersey Wooly mix. my bunny easily jumps over 80cm and climb on different objects. because of this ability, she easily escape from my room and i cant stop it.
  4. rabbitlover2019


    Last night i put my Funny Bunny in her cage because she was so noisy and didn't let me fall sleep. this morning i heard some noise from Funny Bunny's cage and i think she is trying to get out. but i shocked badly. her head got stuck in the cage top mesh. i was severely shocked, tried to get...
  5. rabbitlover2019

    What Breed is My Daughter?

    Hi every one I will be grateful if any one could help me to figure out What breed my bunny is? She is about 50 Days old. She is some Tiny but has some long fur (specially on face and head) with short front legs. her previous owner says she is mini lop. Best Regards.
  6. rabbitlover2019

    Bunny & Blanket!

    Hi every body last night for the first time i allowed my bunny to stay out of her cage. this morning i found her almost tapered in some where in my room. then she eat some hay but looks like she feels cold. i put a blanket on her and she fully accepted it. she is just fine but seems feel cold...
  7. rabbitlover2019

    Litterbox Trained in 3 days (pees and poops!)

    Hi every body im actually wondered by my lovely bunny! she not only use the litter box for peeing, but also fully poops in it. not sure about her breed but she is really smart bunny. she trained in only 3 days. i simply put a litter box on where she usually use and bun! she is very clean :)...
  8. rabbitlover2019

    How much does a vet visit & spay/neuter cost for a Rabbit?

    Hi Every one. I live in Iran and im curious to find out how much does a vet visit cost for a Rabbit in other countries? also im curious about spay/neuter cost. best regards.
  9. rabbitlover2019

    help: Rabbit ear broken? (loose-up and down ear)

    hello i live in Iran and i have no access to specialized vet. i got 1 month old female rabbit and im uncertain about her species. i have my bunny since 3 days a go. she is very happy and active with very good appetite. today her left ear suddenly falls and now she always has one ear up and...