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    What did I do wrong?

    I don’t t think you did anything wrong, I’m so sorry you lost her. She was very cute.
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    One little problem- catching them outdoors

    I trained Ben that every time he came inside from the backyard he would get a treat, now he comes inside every afternoon just before dark by himself - sure beats chasing them as I did too in the beginning 🤣🙄
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    Can you kiss your rabbit?

    I kiss my rabbit more than my kids 😎
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    Any advice for picking up your bunny?

    I’ve had Ben for over 12 months now (he is a mini lip and sounds about the same size as Reece). I’ve tried to “train” him to be handled as he hates to be picked up too. What happened is he trained me and I now use treat’s to get him to follow me to another room or get him in his carrier. I...
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    Goodbye Buddy

    Sorry for your loss, he was such a good looking boy. He was lucky to have been loved so much by you - big hugs
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    Should I keep bunnies that won’t bond together?

    Hi, just thought I would share my own experience. I got a female from a rescue centre as I wanted a friend for my boy bunny. The female would fight with him when I wasn’t around (this was two months after I had done the slowly introducing them in neutral spaces bonding ) and he got very...
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    Fostering Rabbits is tough

    Big hugs to you. I had a female from a rescue that I was trying to bond with my boy but it didn’t work out and as per our agreement I gave her back to be re homed. Even though she hated my boy I fell in love with her and bawled my eyes out when I handed her over - if only I had the space to...
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    Behavior after neuter?

    Bens toilet habits improved so much (he stopped spraying me 🤣) and he kept his same loving personality. Don’t worry it will be for the better.
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    When is your bunnies' "year with us" anniversary?

    March 20, he was a covid lockdown bunny, first bun for our family and I am so I love with him. Rabbits are the best!
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    Merry Christmas, festive bunnies anyone?

    Ben with Santa and the Christmas tree 😍
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    RIP my dear Pudding

    So sorry
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    Is a stuffed animal companion a good idea?

    My Benny with his mate - they are inseparable
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    Tell me about your bonding and neuter experiences

    Hi, I’ll let you know my experience. I had a neutered boy and thought he would benefit from a friend. I went to our local rescue centre and got a spayed female. Because of covid he wasn’t allowed to “bunny date” which in hindsight I highly recommend. The rescue centre said I could return the...
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    Are my rabbits fighting?

    Hi all Feeling a bit heartbroken and down tonight. I followed everyone’s advise made the space smaller and have been watching them so closely. I’ve watched them all week and sat with them most of yesterday and today and they seemed to be getting on so well. But tonight I caught Zoe chasing...
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    Are my rabbits fighting?

    Thank you. I sat with them in the inside enclosure for a few hours then checked on and off during the evening and so far they are good. At one point they were in the litter tray eating hay together so I think it’s just the outside area that’s causing the problem. I will restrict them to this...
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    Are my rabbits fighting?

    I have put them back in together but closed off the outside part and Ben us grooming Zoe. I’m taking this as a good sign?? Should I not them then have the outside area for awhile longer and if so how long do you think? Thanks also for replying I’ve been so worried about them
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    Are my rabbits fighting?

    hi I’ve tried to upload from YouTube (sry I’m not very tech savvy). I will try and put them together when I get home. They can still smell, see each other just not get to each other - do you think that will be ok. Should I just let them go if Zoe chases Ben again, he has no bites on him when...
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    Are my rabbits fighting?

    Hi all I have two mini lops Ben 8 mths old and Zoe 13 months old, both have been spayed/neutered. I had Ben first then got Zoe a few months ago from a rescue centre. I kept them seperate but close together pens for the first 6 weeks then 2 weeks ago started bonding them. They started with...
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    Bonding rabbits

    Hi all, quick update first bonding session went extremely well. They were only together for 10 minutes but initially ignored each other then flopped next to each other. I’m so happy, hoping tomorrow goes as well. I’m going to increase their time together by 10 minutes each day. By the end of...
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    Bonding rabbits

    Hi again, ok so my two buns have been living side by side in their pens for 3 weeks. So far all good, lots of sniffing and lying next to each other. I’m going to give them their first face to face date in our bathroom which is a neutral area next Monday. I’ve done alot of research but I’m...