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  1. dogwoodblossoms

    What Is His Color?

    Agreed, he just has really heavy markings, thus not as much white.
  2. dogwoodblossoms

    Bunny’s water bowl

    My buns like to pee in theirs 🤦🏼‍♀️ so yes it’s normal lol 😂
  3. dogwoodblossoms

    My rabbit is day 32 of pregnancy anything I can do to help her kindle .

    Some rabbits it just takes a little longer. Is she pulling hair?
  4. dogwoodblossoms

    doe won't lift for the buck?

    I would wait until he’s 6 months he’ll be more fertile and hormonal
  5. dogwoodblossoms

    doe won't lift for the buck?

    Shy bucks don’t try sometimes. You could also try checking for a split penis or other problems with his privates
  6. dogwoodblossoms

    My rabbit suddenly died

    Could it be lack of calcium? I’ve heard that many moms after birth need extra. That’s why I give it to my girls.
  7. dogwoodblossoms

    Goopy eyes

    @FairyTale sounds like vent diseases. Is his skin opening and scabbing?
  8. dogwoodblossoms

    When domesticated bunnies don't realize how sharp their teeth are

    @TreasuredFriend I always like to think of small breeds of rabbit as small dogs and big breeds as big dogs. Something about these small breeds of animals 😂😂
  9. dogwoodblossoms

    When domesticated bunnies don't realize how sharp their teeth are

    Bunny are interesting animals 😂 I love my babies too, even if they have attitudes. The smaller the rabbit the bigger the attitude. And really, how did Xiao Wu scratch your eyelid is my question 🤣
  10. dogwoodblossoms

    Goopy eyes

    Weepy eye maybe? Does he itch it a lot with his back feet?
  11. dogwoodblossoms

    When domesticated bunnies don't realize how sharp their teeth are

    My young babies from any age from 1 day old to 8+ weeks old don’t understand how sharp their teeth are. Baby bunnies are born with teeth (unless I’m wrong, that’s just what I’ve observed) and so when you pick them up and their hungry they nibble you, it’s actually really cute. And my older...
  12. dogwoodblossoms

    doe won't lift for the buck?

    Maybe it was something to do with the environment or temperature? Did you have a day when it was cold and then it raised to a hotter temperature? Another thing could be she’s waited to long since her last litter and isn’t interested right now. Try putting her in with the buck then taking her out...
  13. dogwoodblossoms

    Baby bunnies

    The black spotted one looks like a broken black (unless it has brown trim around it ears and nose, and brown behind ears, then he’s a black otter). The gray spotted one is a broken lilac. The brown looking one is probably a chocolate Vienna, and the white one is probably a broken Charlie of some...
  14. dogwoodblossoms

    How important are pellets?

    Pellets have the protein your bunny needs. They don’t need a lot of pellets if your feeding him lots of greens and hay (maybe 1/8 cup or 1/4 cup depending on how big your bunny is). Sure hay and veggies have protein but they still need that additional stuff the pellets have to keep their weight...
  15. dogwoodblossoms

    Normal pregnancy characteristics?

    I’d guess she’s a early nester and is just nesting days before birth. Once she starts pulling hair that’s when I would start to except babies within the next day. Unless it’s a false pregnancy. I’d give it a few more days.
  16. dogwoodblossoms

    (More) Baby Bunnies...

    Their still adorable!
  17. dogwoodblossoms

    More Baby Bunnies!

    Loving those sweet chubby faces! 😍🥰
  18. dogwoodblossoms

    (More) Baby Bunnies...

    There so tiny and cute! What breed? Holland Lop?
  19. dogwoodblossoms

    Is my bun pregnant?

    Sorry meant calcium
  20. dogwoodblossoms

    Is my bun pregnant?

    Sounds like a pregnant rabbit to me. She wouldn’t be due until day 31 or even day 33. Make sure to give her Vitamin C after birth!