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  1. kuniklos

    Territorial Marking, HELP!

    Last weekend we reduced their area to less than half of what they are used it. The General is no pleased. Pumpkin doesn't seem to mind at all as long as the treats keep coming. It's pretty much stopped the peeing (minus one spot when they pushed their litter box out of a corner) and the...
  2. kuniklos

    Territorial Marking, HELP!

    I haven't had them xrays but they both got a full check up including stool and urine sample in November. The biggest environment change is adding the second bunny. I increased the size of their litter box was well (from a triangular 12"x12"x9") to a much larger one (23 x 18.5 x 11). Then I...
  3. kuniklos

    Territorial Marking, HELP!

    I don't know if they ever established that. The male tried humping her a lot but she never allows it. In turn, she has never tried to hump him. She thumps at him if he gets frisky with her. However they groom each other in equal measure. Perhaps you are right about them using this as their...
  4. kuniklos

    Terrific Tans: A place to show off the tan breed!

    It's been awhile! He's got a wife bun now too, as you can see! Edit: some pictures wouldn't pop up! I had more from my imgur but I'll just leave these here for now.
  5. kuniklos

    Territorial Marking, HELP!

    I have had General Bismark for 4-5 years. He's a neutered male and has had perfect litter box habits the entire time we've owned him. Really, he's been swell. This past October we adopted Pumpkin, female, (she's 5ish years old as well) who was spayed when we brought her home. Their bonding...
  6. kuniklos

    Baby Tans

    General Bismark is trying to nose my screen. I think he wants at your ladies. :p
  7. kuniklos

    Word Association - 2011

  8. kuniklos

    Terrific Tans: A place to show off the tan breed!

    You'll have an epic beauty contest on your hands with two gorgeous bunnies!
  9. kuniklos

    Maryland Bunny Slaves - Where is everyone?

    Middle River! Moved here last fall from Pennsylvania.
  10. kuniklos

    Terrific Tans: A place to show off the tan breed!

    Thanks! That's my husband. He and the General are tight bros. It really makes me happy that they are such good friends. Here is a few more wedding bunny pictures. I think I added a few others to my gallery as well. He was so dashing. I almost feel bad I had to marry my husband and not the...
  11. kuniklos

    Terrific Tans: A place to show off the tan breed!

    The General and I haven't been around here for awhile. Blame /r/rabbits on reddit! Here are some lovely photos for you all! ^Can you find the bunny butt? ^Bad bunny, being bad.
  12. kuniklos

    Am I the only one who's having a bunny that likes to bite?

    My guy is a biter and I have the scars to prove it (have you heard you flesh crunch like lettuce, because I have!). However he is much better with it. He bites as a way to let us know he's pissed. He likes a chest snuggle, but suddenly he'll turn his head and bite your shoulder or neck. He...
  13. kuniklos

    Laying down flopping around me - comfy/safe?

    Usually it's a sign of trust. My rabbit also flops in defiance. After a nail clipping or grooming (he doesn't care for it. He will flop against whatever wall in our direct visual path. I read this is basically a way to say, "I am so much better without you stupid humans. Look at my defiant...
  14. kuniklos

    This has become a NIGHTMARE!

    I will be sending you good wishes. I just don't trust airlines with my precious. I understand your worry! Were it one rabbit you could take it as a carry-on. At least in the U.S. on certain airlines.
  15. kuniklos

    Anyone leave their rabbit out at night?

    General Bismark is out 24/7. He has a cage that we keep his litter, pellets and water in. He goes in there on his own if he feels like it. We only put him in his cage if he's in the way of chores or we're traveling. But his cage is always available to him if he wants to hang out in it...
  16. kuniklos

    Terrific Tans: A place to show off the tan breed!

    We moved about two weeks ago, and General Bismark commenced flopping everywhere! He needed to try many places before he found a favorite. Also, I got married and the General was our Ring Bunny! I will show more pictures when I get the professional ones back.
  17. kuniklos


    As a human I have blepharitis. I had itchy, irritated eyes that would well up with stinking pain and tear randomly throughout the day. When I got a new eye doctor he figured it out. I have to use drops once a day (although really I only use every other) and I have to wash my eyelashes with...
  18. kuniklos

    Addicted to buns and suffering withdrawl...

    Rabbit conventions! Check your state ARBA page for shows. So many of the people there are really nice and I am sure would let you give their guys a little snuggle, or at least a pet! Before I could have a rabbit, while I was still in college and moving a lot, I attended a ton of conventions...
  19. kuniklos

    Tips for taking rabbit in car?

    On long trips we take his large cage (40 x 38 x 28) and put down our back seats as it covers the seats and part of the trunk. If we are going on vacation we take the large cage so if he has to stay in his cage he is comfortable. We have a smaller travel cage that is more of a fabric small...
  20. kuniklos

    best job eeevvvveeerrrr

    I worked at Game Stop years ago! We got in a little trouble for having a Nerf battle in the store. Woops!