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  1. NYAngela

    Your Bunny Story: How did you get your bunnies?

    We stayed over night in a hotel room so we could break the trip in half. We snuck him in and I used the ironing board as a little barrier to keep him in the bathroom while we slept 😂
  2. NYAngela

    Netherland Dwarfs

    I had a Netherland dwarf, he was a ball of energy. Never bit or lunged but he didn’t like being picked up so we respected that. Now we have a dwarf Hotot, which I believe have ND’s in their lineage and he’s the same loves to be pet but not picked up. Never nips or lunges.
  3. NYAngela

    Your Bunny Story: How did you get your bunnies?

    We had lost our first bun, he had an aneurysm after going under anesthesia for his neuter. We were devastated and our house felt so empty. I started searching for another and it was so hard to find a rabbit! I found him in a FB group. I drove 6+ hours to get him in a snowstorm, hence his name...
  4. NYAngela

    How often to change out the hay?

    I ended up putting his hay in a hanging fruit basket that has large holes. I found that when it was in the box it would get soiled so then he wouldn’t eat it & a lot more was wasted. With the hanging basket, he still does waste some but not nearly as much!
  5. NYAngela

    Dwarf Hotot jumped over 3’ enclosure wall

    Wow what an adventurer! My dwarf Hotot never jumped his enclosure (fingers crossed) but he is comfortable on both wood flooring and tile, not sure if nail length will change anything. Here’s a pic of ours, would love to see yours :)
  6. NYAngela

    To neuter or not to neuter

    I have been debating neutering my 10mos old bun because we lost our last bun to an aneurysm 24hrs post anesthesia (they never went through with neutering because of how he reacted to it) So at 10mos he’s not aggressive, does not spray. My only issue is he’s chosen my entryway as his spot to...
  7. NYAngela

    favorite treats?

    Small pet select sells dried carrot. They are very thin shavings.
  8. NYAngela

    Anyone resigned to their white buns never having clean white feet?

    I keep a grate over his litter pan so his paws are pretty white. He’ll get a little grayish coloring sometimes at the front of his paws from hopping around the house (likely dust under beds/couches that I don’t clean daily) but not urine.
  9. NYAngela

    Is small pet select worth it?

    I think the hay from SPS is great and they give you a discount for auto delivery which you can set to be whatever you want (mine is set for 5 mos) I order 40lbs bags of pine pellets (Brand I get is America’s Choice Equine Pellets) to my local hardware store for pick up for $10 (I’m in NYC no...
  10. NYAngela

    Need Independent bun sitter or reliable "business" in Long Island NY

    Maybe Long Island Rabbit Rescue has experienced fosters/sitters that would be willing to make home visits or babysit in their homes?
  11. NYAngela

    Rabbit doesn’t wanna use his litter box?

    I noticed my bun being reluctant to go in his litter box when it’s freshly cleaned, so what I do is take a scoop of the old with pee/poop and put it in the clean one. This seems to help.
  12. NYAngela

    Could my rabbit have died due to a spaying procedure?

    I’m so sorry for your loss, unfortunately I know how you feel 😭. We lost our first bun after a failed neutering attempt. His heart reacted poorly to the anesthesia so the (very experienced) vet did not proceed. We brought him home and the next day he suffered an aneurysm, and he bled out. The...
  13. NYAngela

    Doesn't want to eat hay

    So my bun takes a while to “accept” any new food. Usually will turn his nose up at and avoid it. Example, hated romaine now loves it. Hated his adult pellets now he goes wild for them. Maybe your bun is similar and just needs a little time to adjust 🙏🏻
  14. NYAngela

    Cage advice?

    I had originally purchased a cage but what worked so much better for us was a pen, they are cheaper and they have more room to hop around. Mine is 4x4 and we close it at night. What was also nice was baking able to sit in there with him when we first got him and bond.
  15. NYAngela

    What does sleeping next to the water bowl mean

    I agree she probably likes the coolness of the water bowl! My first bun loved hard cool surfaces. If you have an extra tile lay it in a corner of the pen I bet she’ll love it! Sometimes you can get a sample tile for free or cheap from store.
  16. NYAngela

    Feeding bunny veggies throughout the day?

    My vet advised to not introduce veggies until he was 4mos and very sparingly. For example he might get just a few small leaves of Romain Lettuce (no more than what fits in the palm of my hand) in the am & pm. We use his pellets as treats. I would check with your vet as I’m sure opinions/advice...
  17. NYAngela

    Post pictures of your rabbits

    Snowflake, he’s almost 7mos old
  18. NYAngela

    Real dwarf?

    He doesn’t look like a typical Netherland Dwarf (shorter ears/more rounded face) but that doesn’t mean he’s not part ND, maybe he’s mixed with something else. Super cute regardless! I have a rabbit that doesn’t meet the “standard of perfection” but I’m not showing or breeding him where it...
  19. NYAngela

    Is a Craigslist Adoption An Actul adoption?

    If it’s not, will you not take him? He sounds like a great bun and if you can give it a great home go for it and don’t worry about what you call it or what anybody thinks of it!