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  1. Momma Luvbun

    Neutered bunny humping

    My fella began doing that this past spring. He wasn't pulling my girls fur out but he tried once, and he was nipping and chasing along with the mounting. both my buns are fixed and have been for a couple yrs as well, so I too thought this behaviour odd. I'm told it is most likely just...
  2. Momma Luvbun

    A new noise

    My little fella (double-mane lionhead) chirps when he eats specific treats. My little lady (lop) squeaks when she drinks water. Banana makes them both quiver. They are both too cute 😍🤣
  3. Momma Luvbun

    Vets won't help till friday!

    I am so very sorry for your broken heart. I know this pain all to well, losing my black beauty the way I did 😪. She was so loving, I doubt I will again find one Soo sweet. Know that your bunbun is no longer suffering and you did all you could for the time you were given. Please don't play the...
  4. Momma Luvbun

    Thumper Passed Away

    My condolences to you and your heart. I know the pain. 3 years for me since my black beauty left me. She declined within 10 days and died in my hand waiting for the vet to come in. I was devastated, and I guess still am a little (thought I could change my profile photo this pass-iversary but...
  5. Momma Luvbun

    HELP!! Issues with new bunny

    I have a lionhead who has ISC (intermittent soft cecotropes). I give him and his wife 1/4 cup of pellets for supper between the both of them, otherwise they have unlimited hay, along with romaine lettuce, and other bunny safe veggies every few days. I notice when he gets a flare of ISC, I stop...
  6. Momma Luvbun

    Becoming destructive

    For flooring, may I suggest an area rug, where the edges are far from inside the enclosure. She may be bored. Maybe a partner (after she is fixed)? Try putting a layer of hay over her litter. Buns tend to eat and poop at the same time, but maybe having the hay in there will prevent her from...
  7. Momma Luvbun

    My bunny pooped out a piece of twine that he got from his chew toy

    My buns do this every now and again. They do t have toys that have twine or other type of binding. It is due to them ingesting fur. I make sure I keep watch on their output after I find the strings of poops, to make sure there isn't any blockage.
  8. Momma Luvbun

    Rabbits freak out every time I try to hold them!

    I wouldn't get too upset if you have issue "picking them up" it may just be the way it's going to be 🤷‍♀️ I have two buns. One I got as an abandoned 8-10 month old so he was pretty weary right from the get go. I've had him 4 years now and I am just NOW able to rarely pick him up. In turn he has...
  9. Momma Luvbun

    7 Month Old Female Rabbit Acting Aggressive Toward Other Rabbits.

    I have successfully bonded 2 females to the same male. When I started, my first girl and the male were not fixed. She was about 3 he was about 8-10 months old. I kept him in a large dog crate and let him out when my girl was occupied and after a couple of weeks they went in for fixing. After...
  10. Momma Luvbun

    Heat waves & mesquitos

    Appreciated @SirLawrence 😁
  11. Momma Luvbun

    Heat waves & mesquitos

    Thank you @LopsAreGreat I'll read up
  12. Momma Luvbun

    Extreme Heat Wave.

    I recommend putting wet, rung out towels into the freezer till they stiffen (1/2 hr ish) That's what I'm doing during this heat (I'm in BC) You can freeze pop bottles and wrap for bun to lay against as well.
  13. Momma Luvbun

    Rabbits being culled at Vancouver airport

    @TreasuredFriend exactly the type of thinking that will prevent this from happening in the future. We need now people standing up for rabbits and yes making it hard to actually have one. I also believe folks should have a mini-course in what to know before getting one. I didn't see the hive...
  14. Momma Luvbun

    Heat waves & mesquitos

    Good day all 😁 I'm in BC, Canada and we are currently having a heat wave 🙄 temperatures I have never experienced in my whole life living here (47 years)(pictured) So I have been trying to keep my tiny home as cool as possible, even bringing in a portable AC yesterday so my buns don't overheat...
  15. Momma Luvbun

    Rabbits being culled at Vancouver airport

    I am in BC and this is a horrible thing to come to light. It amazes me how the YVR (Vancouver International Airport) could cull instead of relocate. It annoys me that there are scads of babies being orphaned because their moms can't come back, due to these actions. It has been said that if...
  16. Momma Luvbun

    Pink slime in water bowl???

    I don't think you have to go so far as to use bleach. In fact, I wouldn't. A good hot soapy wash with the rest of your dishes will be fine, you just have to wash the bowl more is all :). A simple wipe and refill isn't good enough or you'll end up with exactly this situation.
  17. Momma Luvbun

    Bald spot - did I do this?

    I use these guys on both my double mane lionhead and my lop. I also use lint roller tape 🤣 on my lop, for REAL 😆. At first I thought the hair would get stuck but nope. I wouldn't try it on my lionhead though, because he's already too timid and weary (even after 4 years with me, but he's come a...
  18. Momma Luvbun

    Help, my bunny is depressed.

    I'm sorry for your loss and I can understand your worry for your surviving bun. Where did you get them from? What kind of set up does it live in? I'd recommend encouraging your bun to get eating/drinking by soaking bite size pieces of romaine lettuce in water for a while and then giving it...
  19. Momma Luvbun

    My bunny got in a fight (RIP)

    I am sooo sorry for your heart 😥. I lost my best girl 3 years ago tomorrow. I still have not been able to change my profile photo on FB. Give yourself ALL THE TIME you need to heal 🙏 Condolences to you 💔❤️💔
  20. Momma Luvbun

    Rabbit doesn’t wanna use his litter box?

    Small poops make me take alert with my buns. Although it is hard at times to tell who is leaving the small ones, I am more than sure it is my little fella who has ISC (Intermittent soft cecaltropes) which causes small poops and also excess of mushy ones (beyond the ones he eats) so when this...